Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cats and Grace

Ok, I confess. In all the craziness of changing my whole lifestyle, moving back to the 'burbs, creating a home for Tom and me at Hobbit Cottage and recovering from a difficult year of too much death-- it's been rather nice not having any cats to deal with.

I mean, I remember while packing up the ol' farmhouse I'd step beside an empty packing box and think, "Oh! Better close that up lest a cat use it 'for evil purposes.' And then it came to me, "Oh wait! We have no cats. Lennon and McCartney died and Naomi's cats moved away with her."

I'd leave the butter uncovered on a counter top and think, "Better cover that or else there'll be tiny tongue marks all over it." Or I'd pause to close an opened door so no cat would sneak outside or remove clothes from the top of my bed lest a cat nap upon them. Or 6:30 would roll around and I'd think, "Better shove myself off the couch because it's time to feed the cats."

But again, there were no cats.

Yet my other confession is that the lazy side of me rather appreciates this easier, cat-free lifestyle. After all, cats can be messy, noisy and expensive at times. But oh, they can also be fun, cozy and downright comforting, too.

So anyway, (even more confessing here) two weeks ago I saw the Christmas version of the Sarah MacLachlan SPCA ad and oh my goodness. I'd never seen such sad, sad expressions on animals' faces! (A version of the commercial is here, but I think they left out at least five of the most despairing cats and dogs ever.)

 I watched that commercial upstairs here and I thought, "Oh, Tom and I need to go get more cats at the animal shelter today! Heck, let's get a dog, too. Those poor animals need us!" And I nearly ran downstairs to tell Tom to grab his jacket because the time had come for more cats and the dog we'd recently discussed maybe getting.

But I remained here on the carpet in front of the tv. Why? Because I know better than to allow my emotions boss me around, for they'll just change after a day, a week or a month. And then my emotions will want something else, something new, something different. They'll probably want to quit, too, whatever they told me to begin.

But what I desire to follow, instead, is Grace. Man, Grace knows what's she's doing. She's aware of the perfect time to get a cat (or anything else) and if you get the right thing at the right time, she sticks around to help you care for and enjoy it. She makes commitments easier because she keeps renewing your desire to finish what you've begun. Grace infuses joy into everything.

Grace truly is amazing.

So now I'm waiting until I hear Grace say, "Time to go get more cats!" She'll let me know when her time is right and when the right cats are there waiting for us. And both Tom and I will be ready.


Actually did a bit of Christmas decorating today. I know, I'm shocked, too.  :)



Anonymous said...

A couple families I know have not had to go looking for at least some of their pets...they arrived on their doorstep and remained (no owners found)...and not out in the countryside either. Perhaps some will come your way eventually!

Elizabeth in NC

Judy said...

LOVE your bit of decorating!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Our last two dogs adopted us! They are great dogs, and I think they truly appreciate being rescued. They are very loyal and are good pets.
When the time is right, you will know.