Wednesday, December 14, 2011

re: TCM Remembers

Oh! I caught this piece of loveliness in the wee hours of morning on TCM, was enchanted, and longed to share it with those of you who also remember and love the old days of Hollywood.

Go here, click on 'full-screen,'  turn up the sound, then lean back and watch the exquisite beauty of times long-gone captured on film. And remember.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Debra. I missed this and I am quite fond of TCM. There are a few actors whose passing I didn't know about and so many faces are familiar even if the names aren't.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing this Debra, I enjoyed it! I also like TCM

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. I usually see these on TCM at the end of each year and it leaves me in tears. I hadn't seen it this year. I noticed u-tube has other years of memorial shorts too to watch. I only watched this years...I was to emotional to watch ones I had see other years. I am so glad I can 'remember' so many beautiful movies and so many wonderful performances. Thank you again. Sarah

Rosemary said...

Wow...loved this tribute, Debra. I took note of some of the movie titles in the related TCM article that I haven't seen. There is a great site called where you enter movie titles you want to see and they will alert you by e-mail when the movies are scheduled to appear on TV. Gotta love that!