Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tom The Milkman and Tom The Nascar Nut

So hooray! Tom The Milkman finally got things right yesterday. Whew. I was close to canceling the service but, at least for this coming winter, looks like we'll still have a real live milkman.

As for my own Tom The Nascar Nut.... On Monday he began a sentence with, "I know you won't like this, but I want to do it anyway..." so of course, I knew that couldn't be good. What he wanted was to--for one month-- go from our "baby cable" to "regular people's cable" so that he can watch the final three Nascar races. He'd been able to watch the first of the season on our limited channels, but not any since they switched the races to ESPN (or whatever).

Well, he was right. I didn't like it. I had a mini-fit because I'm such a penny-pincher (why spend money when we don't have to?) and because we already watch scandalous amounts of tv (why welcome more temptation in the door? How will this help us find our new goals?) Yada, yada. You know.

But then I remembered the ol' submission thing and how God honors that a whole heck of a lot (and how fear can masquerade itself as wisdom sometimes), so I ended my tirade with a simple, "Fine. Go ahead. If we're going down, let's go down in flames."

Heh. And here you thought I was sweet. :)

Well anyway, the cable lady came yesterday and we've now got all these new temptations, uh, channels to watch and ok, although I'm enjoying my reunion with HG (If Walls Could Talk, Design On a Dime, etc.) and we both found it cool that we saw two new episodes of I Shouldn't Be Alive, well, I'm still finding that regular peoples' cable is not the be all, end all of our entertainment (and otherwise) needs as Time Warner would have us think.

Oh well. So for one or two months (at the most) we will have to exercise major discipline for ourselves. After all, if Tom and I don't manage our hours, our lives, who will? It's not like some angel on a white horse will ride in and knock some self-control into our heads.

No, that kind of discipline is our own responsiblity. Always has been, always will be.


So what are your favorite "regular peoples' cable tv shows?  :)


"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control..."  ... Galations 5:22,23


Oh, and we'll be able to pay for part of this temporary cable upgrade with the money Tom got from selling our old storm doors through Craig's List. I'm proud of him for thinking of that when it would have been easy to have the installers of the new doors just place them on the curb, instead.



Morning's Minion said...

We managed for over a year without any Dish tv. I say 'we'--but I'm not a TV watcher. Our local TV in KY is two pbs stations which my husband got in by setting up a rabbit ear antenna. Fast forward to nightly wrestling with said antenna which never seems to be aimed just right.
When a flyer came in the mail advertising Dish, internet and phone at a 'bundle' price we jumped on it. Dish TV installed--two hours later we learned that the internet/phone provider couldn't provide at our address.
After numerous phone calls and aggravations and adjustments we have the inexpensive [?] Dish package--and husband is once again watching way too much tv--if you ask me! Oh, the joys and economies of retirement!

Anonymous said...

Well, with internet (and lots on there to watch too and no commercials!!) we have NO TIME left for TV...hubby might after retirement, but nope, nada...and fortunately I expect he will say that himself, after years of our lives spent being a TV addict. I do understand why retired folks do have that however...esp. without hobbies one can do inside. Winters especially can be long. We do watch TV when we are gone someplace and in a hotel.

GOD told me one time years ago: "No matter WHAT hubby does, I am still going to take care of YOU!!" Great reassurance! Sometimes I do feel nervous alright!! Tis hard to remember sometimes that this life is for learning and learning is often costly!!
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

We had a milk man for several years but can't where we are now. We miss that. We have cable and higher than basic service but not total and still...nothing to watch!! :) I can run up and down every channel...and have, and 0 worth seeing. Oh don't get me wrong..I do have days I find 3 things on I want to see all at the same time too! Mostly the tv is on and hubby is asleep on the couch :) Maybe he can see it through his closed lids?? Da ya think?? Isn't life funny. Sarah