Sunday, December 11, 2011

Having Myself A Merry Little Christmas

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."  ... Galations 5:1


Last year I didn't even decorate for Christmas. (Gasp! Is that even legal?)

Tom said he didn't care. Naomi didn't even notice. And it was one of the sweetest, calmest Christmases, ever.

This year? I'll probably decorate a tad, that is, if I can find our Christmas box down in the basement. Tom rearranged the boxes this week so, oh dear.

You know what I enjoy? I enjoy doing Christmas my way. Each year I do less and each year Christmas feels better. In fact, years ago I told you that December is my least favorite month because of Christmas, but now? Dare I say I'm loving it?! (Also helps that Tom no longer works on Christmas since he no longer has a job. As they say, there's no great loss without some gain.)

So, like, are people this year saner with the money they spend or the way they behave?  Is there more appreciation of quiet and simplicity and fewer crowds, less noise, less commercialism?

Nah. Probably there's even more hoopla.

But seriously? I haven't even noticed what's going on out there. Besides, why let others' Christmas Craziness turn me into a Grinch? Why spoil the lessons I've learned just because others haven't learned theirs yet? Why even assume everybody needs to learn what I've learned in the first place?

This year? I'm just having myself a merry little, custom-made Christmas of my own.

I'm celebrating Jesus. I'm celebrating that Naomi's still in town, just living down the street, for next year she may be in Tennessee. I'm grateful for my new home and its delights, including the spiffy music they play at my supermarket and the new radio station playing upstairs in Debra's World. Oh wow, my dream-come-true station which didn't come along until I was 52, ok, but it's here now. That's what matters. Same with my new freedom to love December--at least it's here now

God pulled me out of an awful January-through-June into a whole new, amazing July-through-December and boy, am I grateful. Our start may be rough, but always it'll be our finish which counts most.

So why let what everybody else is doing bother me? What kind of a godly example am I being when I'm complaining and cranky like people who haven't even met God yet? 

There's no more I Dread Christmas Debra. Nope, she's gone. Left town way back in 2010 and--should she ever catch back up to me at our new house--she'll not be allowed in through the front door. Nor the back one, either.



Not only am I learning to do Christmas my way, I'm also learning to do Life that way, also. (And it's turning out pretty great so far.)


Mrs. Mac said...

You have such a good attitude about what the right amount of Christmas 'cheer' is for you! Less is more and keep it simple are often spouted in our home.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I think each person/family has to choose what works for them. If you are happier with a quiet, serene holiday season, that is what you should do, and enjoy those things that make you feel at peace.

This year, I'm doing less, but still decorating, because I love Christmas, and love the lights, music and simple decorations.

As for shopping, I hate the crowds, and the commercialism, so I did 90 per cent of my shopping on line. I found wonderful sales, promo codes and free shipping. I spent less, and got more, and didn't have to deal with frazzled store clerks, grouchy shoppers, and parking dilemmas.
I have always loved Christmas and being around my family and grandchildren makes the season even more special.

Anonymous said...

I applaud your non-decorating choice!!
Ho, ho, ho, tis the season to be merry, right? Well, my 2 brothers each called me up in the last couple days and chewed me up and spat me out (why? cause I no longer believe just like them...heh, and they do not totally agree with each other either...hmmm, seems a bit of a problem there). Ah well, you know, we each are in a different place and the final tally ain't here yet. I know they both think this month should be the happiest, but I just cannot wrap my mind around how chewing up others makes a person happy. Speaks for itself there too!! We can always find ways to pity others I think. I woke this morning (after the worst episode) with the lightest heart. I am sad for how they acted and feel, but tis ok...I love the happiness and peace that GOD gives to HIS children!! The best holiday gift of all!! Blessings,
Elizabeth in NC

Elizabeth said...

I am also feeling calmer this year after deciding to do less. I will have Christmas for my family but I am not feeling the pressure to make everything "perfect" as I usually do.