Monday, August 02, 2010

Toying Around With New Ideas

I love having a blog. Why? Because in soap opera style, some of you, my readers, will find this interesting. The continuing saga of Tom and Debra.

So here goes: Tom and I are now toying with the idea of moving to Oregon in 2012.


We're both feeling a huge need for change. We've lived in Western New York for 17 (mostly-incredible) years and now the thought of moving nearer old friends, old relatives sounds pleasing to our souls.

I love it when we're on the same page, especially when it comes to moving, for many times Tom has submitted his desires to me to move us to wild and crazy places, you know, like Thailand, St. Lucia, Costa Rica (each place would have held a temporary job). And each time I've gone bonkers, simply bonkers at those requests. And since we've lived in NY, he's toyed with moving to various other places, Las Vegas, NV and Southern California being two, the two places which I said I'd never move to. Forty-six other states I'd live in, but not those, I'd tell him. And oh, the angst in my soul until he left those ideas behind.

So as I said, thank-goodness we agree about this.

We have a ton of dear old friends and relatives in California, but we could never afford to move back there, nor do I wish to move back there ever-- on principle. (I know, I know... never say never.) But Oregon, well, ok. We've traveled through much of Oregon and although it doesn't have New York's thousands upon thousands of 1800's farmhouses and farmland, it does have some.

Oh, how I will miss our country drives here back through Time! Even today we drove through tiny, 1800's towns so eerily quiet that I allowed myself to believe it was 1930.

We're thinking we should put this farm up for sale early next year, 2011. Of course, some of you won't understand how we can give up this dream so quickly, but I'll attempt to explain. We so wanted a farm. After 30 years we got our farm. And well, it's now out of our system. It's moved to been-there-done-that-so-we-can-now-move-on-to-the-next-thing.

We'll always be glad we took this plunge. We'll always be grateful we did this, for never again will we spend one more minute coveting other peoples' acres of green grass. Instead, we'll always be reminded of how I had to mow the lawn four or five days a week (in the heat and humidity, zapping all my energy for creativity) just to keep up, just to stay above the jungle. We'll remember the good times we've had here, but oh, we'll remember all the non-stop work and how before you can do one thing you must do a different thing and before you can do the different thing you must do something else, first.

You know. The complication of it all.

So. Who amongst you can tell me your favorite parts of Oregon? Preferably parts with lots of old farmhouses... and not too much rain. Oh dear, no... not too much rain. Much of Oregon is high desert, so we're thinking perhaps out there, away from the coast. (We have dear old friends in Oakridge, which is nice, but quite small.) No big city, but a suburb could be ok, with reasonable real estate prices. (We will be downsizing majorly, so the house need not be large.)

Honest, I'm open to hearing from you, especially if you have actually lived in or visited Oregon. (I know how some of us are--me, included. We're great at giving advice about something we know nothing about. heh)

Oh, and Tom is considering retiring from the power plant here, then doing something else from home, so the question of work is, well, not too much of a question. We are dreaming big, but hey, who wants to dream small?


Myrna said...

Well, I for one, am excited for you. And REALLY impressed! You guys being willing to move across the country..well, that just goes to show me how FUN you two are!!
I'll be praying for you in your new venture!!
Blessings and hugs,

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Debra~ I love your honesty about really wanting a farm but realizing the work and having lived your dreams for a few years -ready for a new one. I really enjoyed the houses that ya'll looked at as you shared them here on your blog and I think it will be exciting to sit on the side lines of this dream and live the adventure with you!
Lisa :O))

sunnycalgirl said...

We too are contemplating moving..We are looking at Wa because my son and his family reside there. Although I have not visited this place in Oregon, check out Sisters, Ore. From what I have heard it sounds quaint but do not know what the terrain is like. I think it is known for having a quilt show every year..I'd like to visit it myself..

Pearl said...

I live in Washington in the desert and I have always wanted to live in Oregon, but on the coast. I've only been to Cannon Beach which is right on the ocean. Portland (to big)so I'm not sure where is quiant but when you let me know I'll be grateful. My DIL mother lives there so I will ask her. I love how you guys can just pick up and go! Good Luck!

Mary said...

I forgot to mention that an Oregon dollmaker, Christine LeFever, has a blog and between posts about her dolls she talks about her 1800's home and shares visits with historic Oregon homes/ neighborhoods. Hope this helps.

Kim said...

We vacationed for years in Ashland, very near the CA border. We really liked it there, little college town, Shakespeare festival 8-ish months a year. Gets hot there in summer, (it always seemed like we hit the "hottest week of the year" no matter when we would go. I mean like 106 (but it's a dry
But I had a potter friend who lived in Jacksonville, a few miles from Ashland and HATED it. The building boom hit and the charming town and pear orchards went.
Have also been to Milton-Freewater eons ago. Near the WA border, very inland.

Debra said...

Thanks for all your encouragement and help and information! I'll check out each of the places mentioned. Tom and I recall visiting Sisters, OR and we did love the 'Wild West' feeling of it. Fun place. Again, I appreciate each of you who took the time to comment! Blessings, Debra