Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progress Report. Kinda.

Just checking-in to say all is well.


I mean, having Naomi here has been lovely. Perfect. She's even helping me with the yard work which is an answer to prayer, trust me. Just last week I was wishing we could afford a yard crew--and then God sent Naomi.

Two of her three cats are here. We have upstairs cats and downstairs cats again as we did when she lived with us. And hopefully, never the twain shall meet. :)

One of her cats, Ginger, is the only cat I've ever feared. I just wave at her and say her name and she hisses. Growls. Threatens to charge me. Good-grief. She's always been a one-woman cat and I've never been that one woman. heh. I can't believe she and her sister are nine years old now--I recall the day Naomi brought them home when their mother rejected them (and Naomi's friend's mom rejected them, too). Farrah, though, is the most adorable cat ever, standing upon her tip-toes, squinting her eyes and meowing sweetly to be petted. She can't get enough affection.

We all watched a movie together this week, one called Everybody's Fine. If you have grown children, I think you'd like it. But beware--it's part feel-good and part-tragedy. No sex, perhaps one minute of violence, and probably six naughty words. You might want to read about it first. But anyway, it's a slowish, pensive road trip movie which made me want to make some changes in myself.

Thursday was amazing for I just relaxed and let go and didn't nag anyone and pretended we didn't even have a too-big yard. And gave myself--and Tom-- a break.

But then Friday came along. I was back to nagging Tom and God was back to convicting me Big Time and oh, the discomfort! But I keep telling God not to let me get away with anything, for eventually, great problems will erupt down the road if not nipped in their bud form. Hold onto one smouldering fleck of resentment and eventually you'll have a huge resentment bonfire inside your soul. So let's hope I will die to what causes me to nag out of fear (for Tom's unhealthy future) and the need to control my circumstances. It's high time to lose the fear and give the complete control over to God. Past time, really.


Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Read in the paper today....a pet is a medication without side effects.
In this particular case.....
I dunno! ;0)
It will be crazy for awhile, but all will be well.

Pat said...

We watched the same movie a while back. Very pensive indeed, but I enjoyed it.
Glad all is going well, I need a yard crew too! The weeds are taking over! I will not fret, I will not fret! It's just been too hot for me to work outside. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter at all, does it? Why I would guess that when it cools down, those weeds, and their friends will still be waiting for me!

Saija said...

so glad that you are getting quality mother and daughter time ... it always seems like we have lots of TIME ... but now that my mom lives 500 miles away, i'm thinking we didn't have enough of it when she was only 150 miles away!!

blessings on ya!