Saturday, August 28, 2010

Magic Pills

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but Tom and I are taking magic pills.

Ooooooooo. They are niiiiice. They make me feel calm. Cool. LaDeeDa all's right with the world-ish.

What are these magic pills called? Krill oil. They're supposed to lower your blood pressure and wow. They take mine so low that I don't nag Tom nearly as much as I did before. And since I began taking a second pill before he arrives home from work in the evenings, not only am I more patient with him ("Hey how was work?"), but I sleep better, too.

Oh, blessed, blessed sleep. How I've appreciated your glad return this past week.

I highly recommend krill oil.

Dr. Mercola says it's better than fish oil because fish oil can go rancid not only in your cupboard, but inside your stomach, also. (Ew.) So, although krill oil is more expensive (I searched till I found a decent price online), to me, it's oh so worth it. With krill oil I feel gooood. I can feel the difference. The cool, man, cool difference.

Again, shhh.... Don't tell anyone that Tom and I are taking magic pills. Everybody else just may want to take them, too. :)


Lori asked where I bought the krill oil pills. I bought them at VitaCost. Again, they're not cheap, but they're cheaper than med's and not harmful to your body. I'll continue to look for good deals on krill oil, both online and in neighborhood stores, since I plan on taking these things for, like, forever. :)


Anonymous said...

Can you share where you ordered them from??? I've been interested in taking them but they are expensive.

Thanks, Lori

Debra said...

Hi Lori! Thanks for asking. I really should have put the website on the post when I wrote it. Anyway, it's there now, at the bottom of my post. I hope these will work for you as they have for me! :) Blessings, Debra

Rita said...

Hate to be a pain in your side but....:) Could you tell us exactly which one you ordered. I think it could make a difference and believe me my daughter and myself have been under lots a stress and I'll order us each a bottle today. Thanks!!

Debra said...

Hi Rita! Here's a link to the bottle I bought:

In case there's a question, it was the bottle with 300 softgels and is called KriaXanthin (Anartic Krill Oil). It's $39. (I know--ouch. But it really, really works for me.) Hope this information helps... and I hope the pills will help, too! Really, I can't think of what else it could be that has helped me feel calmer than I have since we moved here 2 years ago. :) Blessings, Debra