Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Taking The Leap and Doing It

During our lovely weekend excursions, Tom and I bought four boxes of peel and stick tile at a yard sale for only $10. Truly, this was a 'God thing' because He knew that, last week, the final drop of my patience with our horrid, 1970's kitchen floor had leaked out. Drip. Plop. Gone.

So yesterday afternoon I began laying the tile. Now, have I ever done this before? Uh, no. Is it coming out perfectly, as though a professional is doing the job? No way on Earth. There are small gaps, I've cut way too many tiny, sticky pieces and most likely, when I'm finished, I'll be grabbing the ol' caulking gun to try to minimize the edge spaces.

My knee is sore and scraped-up, too.

But you know? Already I've succeeded. Why? Because I'm doing it. I'm doing what no one else has been brave enough to attempt since 1975. So no matter how it turns out, it will be a success and a million times nicer than it was before. Because the tile looks better, simpler, yes, but because I tried. I opened the boxes and began the job.

I've said here before that I have little patience with wimpy women. You know, women who, in their 40's, still must call a man to help them hang a picture on the wall. Women who whine, complain rather than tackle, even in baby steps, what they're complaining about.

And you know? I believe that's partly why I've had such a hard time on this farm: I have too often been A Wimpy Woman. I've let all the unfinished projects overwhelm and downright paralyze me. Gah! But hey, at least God used that to give me more patience, more understanding and compassion for my fellow Wimpy Women. After all, it's never right to criticize anyone for not having the gifts God has given you.

It's also dreadful not to use those gifts, yourself.

Some lessons must be learned over and over until they stick. I'm thankful that I'm learning them now rather than arriving in Heaven all clueless as to what I could have learned and experienced down here.


Pat said...

Good for you, the floor looks amazing! I have the same floor as the one you are covering up in my cottage, plus mine has worn spots to increase its beauty..LOL! I think it's time for me to buy some peel and stick too! I'm afraid I've become one of those wimpy woman since I've passed sixty. I just don't thave the same strength and endurance any more, and it can be a downer.
Keep up the good work!

Jan said...

Sometimes things don't get done by us "whimpy" women for other reasons.
My husband stepped up to the plate when I stopped being so independently competent. However I am not a whiner or complain and often live a long time with something that needs fixing.

Dapoppins said...

I think I am one of those wimpy whiny women. I tend to let projects go waiting for my husband to do them, but instead of doing what I want he goes and does his own project and I end up doing it anyway. Huh.

Maybe not so wimpy as lazy.

jodi said...

Good for you with the floor laying. I just finished laying a floor, painting the room, ripping out carpeting etc. My husband helped some but he injured his back and knee so there was no choice in the matter. Will have to take photos sometime as it turned out pretty good.

Donetta said...

giggle grin smile. the handle of my hammer has been hot all weekend
hanging pictures

floor look good.