Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time For More Color

Hallelujah and pass the potatoes. heh.

Our most unwelcomed heat and humidity packed their bags and sauntered down the street this week and Debra is back to her normal, cheerful self.

Humidity makes her downright crabby. (Why do I always forget just how much it changes me?)

But summer is waning around here, we're back in the 70's, low humidity and Life is again good. Very good.

As soon as the temperature got sane, I got creative. I rearranged a couple pieces of furniture. Spray-painted a basket. And I've been haunting the houses on Kim's Home Tours, positively camping out there in the midst of all that bright, glorious color and imaginative decor.

And I've made a decision. I really want to go for it, to take the plunge. I want to totally Daisy Cottage-ize my house. Seriously. I mean, it hit me that I'm always taking those house tours when I need a little extra comfort or when I just want a tidbit treat to sweeten my day, so well, wouldn't it be better if I could walk around my own house for a treat? If I strolled through my own rooms for instant comfort, cheer and to be ushered into my own heartland happy place?

I believe it would.

So look-out paint cans and paint brushes, here I come. I'm tired of vacillating, of bring afraid of color and of what others will whisper behind my back. Who cares? Halfway commitments never feel right and Life is too short to not make the changes your heart is begging you to make.


Thanks so very, very much for the book titles you gave me yesterday! I appreciate them so much and I had such a great time reading reviews of the books over at Amazon. I'll reveal my reason for asking in September, but in the meantime, please know you were a huge help!

(I'll gladly take more book recommendations if you have them!)

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Judy said...

So the high humidity has been to blame! That must be why I found my self picking up paint samples at Menards this morning.

I'm thinking about green cupboards.., and maybe going door-less!