Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yard Sale Thoughts

We survived our two-day yard sale.

Well, barely. Oh, the humidity!

But we met the sweetest people on the planet, some who even said it had been nice visiting with us. And everybody loved our hydrangea bush. They asked what I did to make it look so blue and gorgeous and I told them, "Nothing. Doing nothing is the key."

You could recognize the people who came because of Naomi's Buffalo's Craig's List ad (complete with pictures of all her vintage stuff). They were young, in sunglasses, they browsed wordlessly, seriously and were dressed simply, with great, classic style (I'm always jealous of people who have that knack). Then there was everyone else--the farm folk, most of them sweet, but a couple were a pain.

I so enjoyed the sweet people. As they walked down the driveway with their treasures I wanted to call out, "Come back soon, ok? I'm thinking you're a kindred spirit." But well, I didn't, of course. Some folks have that knack, too. You know, they can meet someone and become lifelong friends in five minutes. But alas, I am so lacking that gene, that grace. But at least God's made me less shy, more friendly than I used to be.

Yard sales. You can have great fun while you hold one, appreciating the chance to speak with all sorts of interesting people--or--you can sit there and feel embarrassed because so much of what you once bought still remains, unsold, and be annoyed by the whole troublesome task.

This weekend, Tom, Naomi and I chose the former view. And even in all the summer heat, we made memories. We had pleasurable family time.

But still, we each swore we'd never buy another trinket again in our lives. :)


Attitude, attitude, attitude......


Judy said...

WAIT DEBRA!!!! Pat and I haven't gotten there yet!!!

Donetta said...

word weaver this morning
sapose' all that fodder for thought :)

I hear you enjoying Naomi being home sweet to have some time with her, ?where are her drums:)

Pearl said...

What a great story I to like meeting strangers. Hope you got rid of lots! Pearl