Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of Waiting. And Fixing What's Wrong.

So. Our moving plans are on hold.

Tom and I realized that what is bothering us--me, especially--is this huge expanse of lawn and my having to mow it four or five days a week in all this hot, sticky, humid, stifling weather. Tom hadn't been mowing for some weeks because his favorite tractor is in the shop being repaired and his other tractor is rather a pain to use (long story) and playing farmer isn't the thrill it once was. But finally, he began mowing again and I'm feeling more hopeful.

So instead of putting the ol' farm up for sale, we're thinking perhaps next summer we can hire a lawn-mowing service once or twice a month. Already I've made up my mind that I refuse to mow the lawn more than three days a week next summer, for Life is just plain bleak when I mow more often than that. And because we're paring down our stuff and won't be haunting as many estate sales, we should have some extra money for the lawn service.

And no, I do not want to just use a tractor, myself. Do not go there in my message box, ok? :)

Anyway, though we're still seriously considering downsizing and retiring in Oregon, we're just not thinking of doing it, like, tomorrow.

So that's where we are. For now, anyway.

Today's lesson? Learn to identify what it is that's actually bugging you (don't be vague or say, "Life in general."). Then ask yourself, "Is there a way I can fix this?" Then fix it. Or partially fix it. Tweak it. Or seek to happily live with it. Or find another way to deal with it. But do not hurriedly make a rash decision because of stress and frustration and hormonal angst and long hot, sticky summer weather just to ease the pressure. Rash decisions usually lead to worse problems. And regret. And who wants those?


This article about downsizing totally inspired my socks off yesterday. It confirmed a ton of the ideas flying around my brain lately.


Frustration is trying to do something you can do nothing about. It's also doing nothing about something you could change.


Kim said...

I absolutely abhor yard work, being outside in the heat, and sweating. Three things it is nearly impossible avoid during a Southern summer.

A lovely man named Wesley has been mowing my lawn for the past four years and it is SOOOOOO worth it.

Kim said...

Oh, you may already know about this site.


My house in FL was 700 SF. I LOVED that house. I could vacuum the whole house from one plug! :)

Nothing makes me happier (well almost nothing) than having an empty closet or cabinet.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

This is so very true. I am so glad you wrote about it. It is something to think about for sure.
Lisa :O)

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to purge, and get rid of so much accumulated "stuff" and it is a good feeling. It's not easy though!

Finding someone to cut the grass is a good plan. I always wonder why people move into condos to avoid yard work, and then pay $200.00 a month in condo fees to avoid paying someone to cut their grass.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Debra,

It's so worthwhile to figure out what you want/need and why you think you want/need other things that you don't....A good post. I have someone cut my grass and do some of the yard work and am happy. My 1969 tractor died last year. Maybe we could have fixed it, but I decided to go for a change. And I didn't want to buy a new one.....I like the way you keep your options open and also, the way you don't rush into things, but aren't afraid to think about them.