Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Living For Forever in a Temporary World

(You may want to read my previous post, first.)

Twenty-two years ago we moved away from the mountains of California to the desert of Nevada. Our relatives and friends thought we were crazy, but didn't complain too much since we'd only be three hours away by car.

Then seventeen years ago when we told our Nevada friends we were moving to New York, they looked at us odd. Nevadans, when we'd mention New York, would wrinkle their noses as though the whole, entire state was New York City. Those same nose-wrinklers had never visited here, never seen the thousands of miles of green, gorgeous farmland and the two calm, blue Great Lakes. And Niagara Falls. And--

Besides, New York was thousands of miles away so why go there? they'd ask. Why not just stay (and bake) in the Nevada Desert? Why venture out to the unknown? But in the midst of all the questions we moved away, giving-up lots of our furniture to our friends. Nice furniture, not just the kind you're too lazy to haul away to the dump. And even sometimes one of my friends still speaks of her surprise that we gave her family the good stuff.

Until we moved to New York I'd never lived in the same house for more than two and three-fourth years. I was 34 years old. I'd lived in that tiny California mountain town for 12 years and that was a record by far, but still, had never lived in the same house for even 3 years. Someone in Nevada once teased Tom about having Gypsy blood. I think they are right, for he often speaks of moving and in that respect, he reminds me of Pa Ingalls who always spoke of moving farther West. But somehow, we managed to live in the very same Buffalo suburb home for nearly 15 years--smashing my record, indeed. And when we moved, we gave away at least one-third of our possessions.

And now we are speaking of moving again, this time to Oregon (visions of Pa Ingalls once more). heh. But before we do, if we sell this house before Tom is ready to retire, well, most likely we'll rent a small place again as we did before we moved to this farm.

And everything will be all right. We have such fond memories of that one-bedroom apartment we shared in 2008 and we hold no dread if we return to something like that to await the big move. Still we will keep on living and dreaming and walking and riding and blogging and loving and being happy.

I once read in a (Christian) woman's blog that her adult children told her and her husband that they'd better never, ever sell the family home--or else. The woman thought that was cute, but I found it disturbing. I'm still looking for the Bible verse which says it's godly for children to boss around their perfectly healthy parents, to tell them to stay right where they are.

Where am I going in all this rambling? I'm going here: I often ask God to remind me not to live like this temporary world will last forever. As they say, "it's all gonna burn." And someday I will be gone. But in the meantime, may I hold onto everything upon my opened palm, allowing all to come and go, respecting ebbs and flows and changes and losses and differences and seasons.

Ah, those seasons!


Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Beautiful post.
Best wishes where ever you go.

Kim said...

I love your openness & willingness to just be and go and come what may.

When I moved back home in 1996 I thought, I've finally found it. The South is my ancestral home and I'm here to stay.
But after 14 years, I find myself thinking of Seattle. Of fog, misty drizzle, 65 degree summers.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

You are wise, Debra! I wondered if you would stay on your farm, because I'm 65 and very ready for downsizing sometime in the next few years. But I think it was great to do it and not always wonder what it would have been like, not always wonder if you had missed something.

I've been at the lake for a while, so very little internet! But I'm back in Ohio now, and wishing you and Tom happiness and well being whatever you do.

Pat said...

Bloom where you're planted! You seem to be the poster child for this saying!
I admire your honesty and sharing, it helps me to think about future homes and what we can and can not handle. I truly would be happy to downsize (I think!) to a more scenic location. I have an entire second floor that's never used.
What would make me think twice about moving? My children and grandchildren. It's been heaven on earth to be near them and I don't think a pretty location could possible give as much pleasure.
I wish you great happiness in your plans to move...can't wait to come along!

Rebecca said...

I understand. Open palms receive much more than closed ones :)

I have moved frequently, too. God has a unique way of connecting all the dots of my many (and temporary) locations and homes.

Anonymous said...

I agree. You gave it a whirl and if you decide to move you have done the farm thing and now you know how that feels. This dream was accomplished. Do yourself a favor though and when looking for the next place. Look extra hard at the floor plan and door sizes etc. and see if it will fit your needs down the road. Will it be ok if one of you has to use a walker or wheelchair later? You don't have to be old to need one. If it has two floors make sure the bottom one has a bath and a room close that can be used for a bedroom in case one is layed up and cannot use the steps at least for a while. If any remodeling has to be done keep these thoughts in mind. I sure wish we had thought of some things before settling into the house we currently have. Life is full of learning experiences! Sarah