Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Somebody Should Do Something About That..."

Last night I couldn't sleep (long, many-detailed story. I'll spare you.) So I wearily dragged my pillow out to the couch, turned on the tv and after some minutes, imagined what someone from the 1800's would think about the people on late night television. My conclusion? They'd think, "Good gracious. What cataclysmic event left people from the future with only half a brain? They're moronic."


Anyway, I decided to try to watch David Letterman. His guest was Brian Williams, the newscaster, who I happen to like, as a newscaster, anyway.

Well, good grief. Mr. Letterman practically went ballistic in blaming the government for not putting enough emphasis on the hopeless state of our physical world (oil in the Gulf, global warming, the whole messed-up state of nature, etc.). Poor Brian could barely get a word in while Letterman ranted about all the cooking shows on cable tv, especially cake-baking shows which hold all their silly cake contests while children in our Country go to bed, starving, and babies around the world die every six seconds.

Brian tried to give some balanced defenses, but Letterman was on an angry roll, blaming the government and cable tv and newscasters and all the rest of us for these huge issues.

But did I lay there on the couch getting all upset about the cooking shows on cable tv? Or about the government's part in ignoring the state of the planet--even though I am no big fan of our government and am rather a tree-hugger, myself?

Uh, no. I got upset with David Letterman. At his cluelessness, mostly. Why? Because here is something I know to be true--Usually, the people who are the loudest complainers, the ones crying, "Somebody should do something!," they are the ones who are called to do that something. They are the ones trying to ease the discomfort of disobedience and neglect inside their souls. They are the ones God has called to go out and help hurting people. Yet they, over time, believe that to sit behind a big megaphone, yell at other people who also are doing nothing and point their fingers in blame is their calling. They believe blaming is accomplishment. Or even obedience.

But what else I've noticed? The people who are happily in the center of God's will for their lives, the ones who are busy (but balanced) in helping and healing people, the ones who are out there with dirt on their faces, but smiling big--they are not loudly complaining about people who are carrying out different callings. They're not even complaining about the people doing nothing. No, they are too busy for wasted breaths and they're too busy finding joy and satisfaction in obeying God's call on their life. They're watching things get accomplished, they're seeing people being changed and lives made better because of God using their own hands, their words, their hearts to help other human beings.

And they are grateful that God has called them to such a huge task.


It's a cinch to point fingers and blame others. Any fool can do it.


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