Thursday, August 26, 2010

Early Autumn Feeling In My Backyard

Though everything is still quite green, autumn is in the air on this August morning. I really wish you were here to enjoy it with me! I wish you could smell the banana bread baking in the oven. Yes, any of you, my readers. Well, any of you who are not axe murderers, that is. Heh. (Forgive my funky mood. It's that autumnal slant of light and cool temps. We're due for a high of 70 today and--according to me--that's perfection.)

I moved these things to the Bunny Pasture behind the barn since keeping the back meadow mowed was way too much work. (The chair sits beside a young tree--you must look closely to see it.) The fairy lost a wing out in the meadow and her pool became cracked last winter so now I refer to her as The One-Winged Fairy and Her Mysterious Empty Pool.

Alas. Making lemons from lemonade and using my rusty imagination.


Laura said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Now I miss being back east for the first time since we left this summer. I'm going to miss fall for sure - it was my favorite season and time of year, next to snow falling of course. So happy for your perfect 70s weather!

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

:0( sigh! No banana bread baking here.
It's 82 and humid in my neck of the woods in MA.
Missed my chance. Just had 4 days of rain and dampness.

Pearl said...

Yes 70 degrees is perfection to me also. Your place looks so inspiring to me and that privacy thing is all around you. Have you ever thought of hiring a lawn boy? That would leave you with so much time to play with flowers and enjoy this lovely yard! Just wondering, your place takes me back to a earlier time when I would visit my Grandmothers farm. We were free to roam all over those acres and it was a very special time in my life. I wish I was there to enjoy it with you but I can still dream. I can taste the lemonade now.

Judy said...

I'm there.