Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What Do You Expect?

Some women have closets crowded with shoes and purses, but well, not me. Most days, most years, I have usually two purses in my closet and two or three pairs of shoes. No, not for a lack of money, but rather, a lack of caring about such things. Though, lest you think I'm trying to say I'm not worldly-minded, let me assure you that my closet is very full of something else besides clothes... dvd's. Yes, that is where I keep all our dvd's--three shelves full of them, mostly black and white old movies and old tv shows from the 1960's.

But I digress...

See this purse above? It's my latest find from the thrift shop in our town. And although I'd not bought a purse in years, it was love at first sight when I glimpsed this like-new pretty green thing hanging there in a forest of black and brown worn-out looking purses. I can't even remember how much it cost (probably $2). Maybe I didn't even check--when it's love at first sight you don't ask a lot of questions.

Anyway.... strolling around Blogland I've come across lots of blogs whose owners find such terrific items at thrift shops. And usually in their comment boxes I'll hear people sniffle, "But I never find anything good at thrift shops!"

And in my head, always two questions pop up (from the myriad other questions in my files up there...). The questions? "Do you go often?" and "Do you always go expecting to find a treasure?"

Those are the secrets. Mine, anyway. Nearly always I find something on a shelf or a hanger which I feel God placed there just for me to find.

And that is a good way to go through Life, too. Seek often what you are looking for (don't give-up too early). And always expect to find what you are looking for (or something even better than what you have in mind). Anywhere, everywhere, those two things just might take you on adventures you thought were only behind you.

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