Friday, January 05, 2007

If You're Going To Assume Anything...

There are more ways to simplify my life than just decluttering my house, my schedule and my purchases.

I can declutter my head, my thoughts.

One way? I can let go of assumptions. Of assuming that, just because certain people don't have my problems, they don't have any problems (or any worth complaining about aloud).

In fact, usually I'm on the other end of that... Recently a friend of mine let it slip that she thought my life was enchanted and I had it made, not a problem (a big one) to be detected anywhere. And comparing her problems to mine, yes, that might appear to be true.

But things are not always as they appear... and God said some enlightening things about making comparisons, such as:

"...but they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise." 2 Corinthians 10:12

The fact, though? We all have problems... hard times to walk through, deal with and learn from. Each of us. And usually these problems arrive custom-made. What may be hard for me, may be easy for you... and the other way around.

No one gets out of this life without experiencing hard times. No one. So there comes a time to stop assuming that some people are having just one long, la-de-da life filled with balloons, cotton candy and song.

But if you've grown accustomed to assuming things about people just by watching them (usually only from afar and without understanding), here are some things to start assuming if the habit has become too deeply ingrained:

Assume everyone you meet has at least one difficult thing going on right now, something which they may be hiding.

Assume everybody you know (or have only heard about) would appreciate a kind, encouraging word or thoughtful deed from you (even if they appear to be just dandy).

Assume everyone needs at least one friend in this life.

Assume everyone needs God and your prayers (even if certain folks would scream at the thought of you praying for them).

When it comes to those assumptions, I can assume away--to infinity and beyond! And the reflected results are much sweeter, richer and fulfilling than assumptions of the bitter type.

I know... I've done it both ways.

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