Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Regarding American Idol

Okay, I'll confess... Tom and I are still watching American Idol. And from reading some of your blogs I know that certain bloggers have chosen to resume watching only when the Hollywood shows begin, especially after seeing that dreadful (I'll agree) Washington state episode. I get that and I respect it, too.

So why do I watch American Idol year after year? Truthfully? It's the human nature of everyone involved which fascinates me. Everyone from the judges to Ryan to the contestants and their parents and friends. And well, I love observing what Candid Camera used to call 'people caught in the act of being themselves.'

And ok, some of what happens is staged--I get that. But what I study and learn from and find utterly interesting is the stuff you couldn't stage in a hundred years. The real drama... the wild actions which come from insecurity... the deep, gut-level cries for appreciation... the wanting to be--not just known--but famous (and believing fame will fill up all the huge gaps inside ones soul... the way peoples' needs can cause such unbelievable delusion... how disappointment can bring out the worst in folks...

... oh, and the way the contestants act, too. (Heh... Just kidding, Simon, Paula and Randy...).

I don't know... I watch American Idol every week, fascinated like I said, and am reminded nearly every moment that even a huge, awesome, world-known singing career is still not big enough to totally fill the gap inside anyone... how only God, Himself can complete what He began--and created--in the first place.

And maybe, after I sort through all the other reasons--maybe that is why I watch American Idol each year. To be reminded that God is still God and only He will ever be enough.

So why do you like American Idol? (Like--not hate.)

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