Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Remembering Nine

I keep this picture on the window sill in front of my desk... I see me at nine-years-old (second row seated, 4th from the right) and remember the rampant creativity and daydreams and hopes I had back then.

I sit at my desk and tell myself I need to wander back a little... back to all that creativity... Days when I looked ahead and glimpsed only bright, big things down the road... When I saw starfish and imagined a black sky crowded with glowing ones.... Afternoons when there'd be a refrigerator box on someone's driveway and I'd envision a play house complete with curtains at the cut-out windows. Days when anything and everything held possiblities for something grander and more colorful.

... to not be childish, but rather, child-like, especially in wonder... faith... and trust.

And I keep that picture near me so I'll remember to pray for those other children-now-all-grown-up, wherever they may be. I wonder what kinds of years they have lived and whether they, too, try never to wander too far from what was best in the 4th grade. There's a lot of good right now while we are in our 40's... But I'm finding this decade an even better one when I stir a little nine-year-old creativity into the mix.

Do you know where your class pictures are?

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