Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Second Weird Thing About Me

I told you in an earlier post that if I did that "Six Wierd Things About Me" post which everybody is doing, well, you'd not be able to handle it all at once. So here's the second wierd thing, though it's not one of the extreme ones, just one on my mind:

2. For most of my life, my favorite tv shows have been the ones none of my friends watch or like.

Prime example... Earlier this month Naomi mentioned that the old Nickleodeon show, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, had come out on dvd and she'd love to own it someday. So with her birthday coming up this month (it's today, in fact) I bought both seasons for her, and since I had fond memories of the two episodes she once had on video tape, I opened the boxes when they arrived and watched the episodes. Every single one.

I love The Adventures of Pete and Pete!!

Man, what a warm, funny, sentimental treasure. And after Naomi opened the gift bag with the dvd's (and expressed her pleasure) I told her I'll definitely be buying them for myself.

See, that's what I'm talking about. I mean, this show was probably aimed at 8-year-olds, but I think it's amazing. And personally, I think there's much in each episode which would go way over the head of a kid and go, instead, straight to the heart and memories of their parents. But still, how many of my friends are gonna want to discuss with me the delight of The Adventures of Pete and Pete?

Here are some other examples of shows which I LOVED, was passionate about, but if I brought them up around a table with friends in a coffee shop, I'd get only blank stares (then smiles before they'd return to chatter about other shows which, most likely, I hated):

1. Fantasy (give yourself 100 points if you've even heard of this one.)
2. Early Edition
3. This Is Your Life
4. Truth or Consequences
5. The Waltons (tho' I've found lots of people online who loved this, too. But for 20 years I thought I was the only one.)
6. The Dick van Dyke Show (same as above.)
7. Starman
8. Fame
9. Boy Meets World

Oh well, not a big deal... not anything cataclysmic, just one of those wierd things I've learned simply to accept.

Now, I know many of you enjoyed The Waltons and The Dick van Dyke Show, but I'd love to hear if anyone loved any of the other shows I listed.

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