Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of Valentines and Thinking of Others

Only one month from today is Valentine's Day... hooray!

Okay, okay.... stop throwing things. I know how some of you feel about February 14th. That it's become commercial like all other holidays. That it sets single people up to feel more lonely. That it's too hard, too unfair a test for men, especially... men with wives or girfriends with the, "You'd better pass this Valentine's Day test with flying colors--or else!" sort of demands.

But dare I say how I really feel? Well, since it's my blog, I'll dare it:

It's not Valentines' Day which is flawed--it's our thoughts about it.

(You may quote me.)

Frankly, I believe we're being selfish when Valentine's Day rolls around on February 14th and all we're thinking is, "I hate this day... for my sake and everyone else's. Why create a day to remind people how lonely and unloved they are? Or why have a holiday meant only to test people who are already over-stressed and pressured?"

Well, so don't look at it that way!

For me, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to send smiles in the mail... cute little reminders to my friends of how much they mean to me. And it's the perfect chance to mail hearts and glitter and love to widows and single moms, women who spend the rest of the year mostly remembering days of love gone by. (Why limit it to women? Men who are alone would appreciate kind thoughts sent through the mail, too.)

What an opportunity... A day to fling far and wide good and loving and appreciative thoughts. A day to send emails with cute little heart pictures to everyone in your address book. A day to wish everyone you meet in shops a happy Valentine's Day with a kind word, deed or a simple bright smile.

... a day when we can, for one whole string of 16 hours, think about others much more than ourselves.

What a day! And it's only one month away. And what's better--I can begin today addressing all my pink and red cards I have waiting in my 1950's strawberry-painted metal bread box... and feel happy and ten-years-old all over again.

P.S. The Valentine issue of Romantic Homes is pretty special and filled with lots of old-fashioned, vintage Valentines and ideas for those who revel in this day or those who need some ideas as to how to bless others.

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