Saturday, January 27, 2007

One of Those Days

Sigh... Poor ol' Tom drove home yesterday morning from having worked since midnight and said he'd felt horrible the last three hours. So I gave him a bowl of cereal, he collapsed into bed, and then two hours later I heard him calling my name from the bedroom.

Not a good sign.

Poor guy had all the classic symptoms of a horrible, awful sinus infection. So I went into high gear, you know, that gear where you do three things at once, and got him transferred to the Cozy Room, sitting up in the recliner and then grabbed my handy-dandy Sinus Survival book, flew upstairs for some going-out clothes and back downstairs for some make-up in case we needed to go to the emergency room (he was really, really in pain)... called his boss to say he couldn't come in to work the night shift, and then proceeded to check all the lists in Sinus Survival for which natural remedies one should take when one has a sinus infection.

After handing him vitamins and hot packs for his face and cleaning out the humidifier (after boiling water for the filter) and getting it going (and flinging Tom's decluttering boxes out of the cozy room so that I could actually walk around in there), well, I ran to the store (a brisk 12 degrees outside) for some flavored seltzer water for his stomach and some papaya enzyme for his head pain and while I was there, insulin for Lennon The Cat...

The things we do for each other... And isn't it wild how these things happen while we are most unprepared for them?

Anyway, he's feeling much, much better this morning and it's looking like he won't require antibiotics, either. He even did more decluttering of some piles of papers and notebooks I lugged up to him from the basement. A definite sign of improvement--yesterday you'd have believed he was at death's door. Being a typical man, he always acts like he's dying when he's sick, but after 28 years I've learned, finally, to take that with a grain of salt instead of panicking and planning his funeral in my head like I did while a young bride.

And we are at an incredible, balmy 30 degrees today(!)

God is good.

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