Thursday, July 02, 2009

For thirteen days Tom and I have been on 'staycation'.

We drove to yard sales and to his back injection (where I waited over three hours, but with coffee and my books) and to that Men's Swap Meet I told you about and out to eat a ton of times and we watched scandalous hours of Stargate SG-1. 

We puttered in the yard and barn, took drives, ate lunch in front of a stone church built in 1834 out in the country, visited with Naomi and Carl, shopped and ate enough junk food to feed a village. I did only minimum upkeep in the house, made just a couple creative changes and let my email box fill with unanswered mail.

Lovely days. Days where I told Tom, "I wish you never had to go back to work and we could live this way forever."

But alas, Tom must return to work this evening and so must I. And that's a good thing.

I think it's in both Proverbs and Ecclesiastes where work is listed as being a blessing. And it is, what with the balance it brings, as well as its discipline, exercise, lessons and progress. Work was good back then and it's still good now. 

And with today's economy fears? Work should be more appreciated than ever.

Yes, our staycation was incredible, but so are my Normal Days, for which I'm grateful. Why? Because, boy, do I ever have tons of Normal Days in my Life! 

And to concentrate upon making only a few vacation days special each year would be such a loss.



Donetta said...

So very true. It is in the common day that pleasure be held even if in the midst of challenge we can find it when we look

Tracy said...

Sounds like a wonderful "staycation" and thank you for the reminder that even the normal days are special & work is a blessing! :)