Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okay. So I believe I'm developing this love-hate relationship with my house and yard. But what I really desire is a love-love relationship.

How might that be possible? If I stick with this:

"... whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things..." Philippians 4:8

Now, have I been faithful to do that? Uh, no.

No, I've been thinking about how quickly the weeds grow in my garden and that it's going to take me eons to paint the large room upstairs and wow, the concrete we're going to have poured inside and outside of the garage is going to cost a fortune. And I've been wishing we didn't have to eat at all because making meals just gets in the way of any progress and we sure do have lots more laundry to wash out here on the farm and am I ever going to transplant the zinnias from my garden to the flower beds?

And I've been thinking how Tom's obsession with tractors is making me insane and Magic Jack is unreliable &*%$# and why did I pass up those perfect bookshelves at that yard sale and why can't those darn squirrels leave the bird feeders alone?

Good grief. If that Bible verse said, "Think on all the negative stuff," why, I'd surely get an award. But it doesn't say that.

Isn't it wild how we need reminders to do things God's way? And today I'm being reminded to switch from negative gear to positive, even if I must do it twenty times in a row until it 'sticks.'

I can do that. With Christ I can do all things He asks of me. And I can't wait until I return to the love-love relationship with this old farm (and with His help, that won't take all that long, either).


Today Tom and I watched Nick Cage's, Knowing. It's not for everyone by any means, but we enjoyed the suspense, special effects and story.


Lisa said...

hehe you tickle me. Thank you for being so honest about your struggle to stay positive. It sure isn't always easy but so often after a long spell of negativity, everything has worked out and I've been annoyed with myself for worrying. I TRY to remember that when I'm in the middle of it but I don't always succeed either.

Thanks for the giggle. I LOVE your new house.

I also want to tell you how often I've thought of you since I've moved. I used to read your posts when you would take pics as you took walks and I would wish I lived in a certain area of the city. Well, now I live there and everytime I walk, I think of you. I live in a teeny, tiny apartment but I get to walk around and look at similar houses to the ones you posted and am grateful. Thank you.

Saija said...

we train our minds to think on "these things" ... that is the good things ... exercising, right?

and i still love love love what you guys have done with the place! i mean, in a year you have really transformed it ...

blessings on the rest of your week!

... Paige said...

that is one of the things that keeps me coming, your honesty. if more folks were so, perhaps the world would revolve smoother. we could just say what we mean and get on with living