Friday, July 31, 2009

A Clothesline of My Own

Oh happy, happy day.

The last time I had my very own outdoor clothesline was in California way back in 1988(!) I remember being a young mom and hanging clothes in the backyard, stopping suddenly while geese flew and honked overhead, watching them and feeling enchanted all the rest of the afternoon. And even without the geese, I've always found hanging laundry outside a very dreamy, retro sort of thing.

At our last house, I had access to a clothesline, though, in our neighbor's yard from 1993 to around 2002. Nancy loved for me to use hers, even to the point of being a little hurt if I didn't. But sometimes she wanted to hang her clothes or our neighbor on the other side did, so the clothesline could become a rather crowded place and you had to choose your wash times wisely.

And yes, our own yard was so minuscule that there was no room for a clothesline. Trust me, I tried for 15 years to find space for one. We have no dryer, by choice, so I've always hung clothes inside the house, though a few times I lugged our wooden dryer rack outside, usually to have the clothes blow away or the rack fell down. (Are you getting why I'm so excited today?)

And technically, remember our little apartment where we lived for 6 months last year? Well, there was a clothesline just outside our kitchen window, one which I shared with our neighbor upstairs, always wondering if my clothes were in her way, etc.

Oh but now, after all these 21 years, I have a clothesline of my very own. Now I can be like all the other homemakers on the block.

And I'm hoping the geese will fly joyfully overhead soon.


Being a celebrator of just about everything, I especially loved Kim's post today.


Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you have your clothes line. I know just what you mean, there is just something about hanging clothes and watching them blow in the wind.When we bought our 2 acres 20 years ago,my 1st request was a clothes line.

Myrna said...

Oh JOY~ Oh BLISS! A clothesline!
A fantasy of mine, but alas and alack...NOT my husband's. So I will live vicariously thru yours!
So happy for you!!

Judy said...

Presently, I have a vintage tablecloth flapping happily away on mine.

(seriously. i cannot believe, especially in this economy, that i seem to be the ONLY person in my neighborhood to use one. i just don't get that.)

Enjoy yours!

OH! The WONDERFUL smell of line dried clothes - even in the city!

Donetta said...

Oh I am so excited for you! I too am an old girl who hangs our clothing. I started to teach the kids how last week. Our clothes on line will often dry here in the summer time in 5 minutes no joke! faster than waiting for the dryer. It is a easy way to manage them too. I look to hang the t shirts upside down and then just add the plastic hangers all done! just put them away.

Saija said...

those blessings that God gives us, are hugs - that He remembers the smallest desires of our hearts ... i see that around me too ... in the flowers that are blooming in my itty bitty garden - all by themselves - the ones i once wanted so badly ...

karla said...

I love my clothsline. my FIL built it himself with a wheel hub so it kids loved spinning on it over the years. It was the one thing I wanted from their house when we moved to the country. Love the spell of the wash and just how it feels, also handy when the dryer in broken or it is 106 degrees out. (today in fact). Enjoy yours.

Robin in New Jersey said...

I *love* hanging out laundry especially sheets. I am excited for you!

Echoes From the Hill said...

I just took sheets off the line, and hung another load of laundry. I love hanging laundry, especially sheets.

Many years ago, when I was a struggling, divorced mom of three, I found the heavy duty t-shaped poles, complete with four lines. I got them loaded in the pick-up truck and dug the holes myself. A lot of cement was attached to the bottom so they were weighted in the ground. I was so proud of myself, and the entire cost was ten dollars. I've been using those same lines ever since, and have saved hundreds of dollars using them.

Enjoy your lines!