Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Uh-oh. I've caught the Mid-Summer Blahs.

I'm tired of the same ol' sunny days (blasphemy, I know).

I'm tired of my garden (it can go to seed for all I care).

I'm tired of yellow squash (and we've only eaten one-and-a-half out of hundreds).

I'm tired of mosquitoes, yard sales, pulling weeds and slapping Japanese Beetles into buckets of soapy water.

Or maybe I'm just tired.

But here's one thing I know: This, too, shall pass.

And in the meantime I'll forgive the less-than-great circumstances in my life, lest my head suffer from that serotonin thing again (heaven forbid). I'll mix things up a bit and not spend so much time home alone, doing the same ol', same ol'. I'll reach out and touch others with kindnesses. And I'll spend additional time with the One who has the wisdom to direct me out of this nameless, faceless cloud, step by step...

...and add a shot of real coffee to my hot chocolate. :)

And as long as I don't panic and make life-altering-for-the-bad decisions, all will be well again. Life will be sweet, laughter will live close to the surface and the simplest things will inspire me.

Thank-Goodness for that.


Pat said...

There should probably be an official name for this malady..I think I have it too.
I can't believe I'm acutally looking forward to the next season! I think I need to shake up my daily routine a little!

Dolores said...

Derbra, so sorry to hear that you are not feeling like your usual perky self. It does sound like you have some good ideas about how to lift your spirits again though. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. You've helped me in the past with some wise advice and I'll be forever grateful. Dolores

Anonymous said...

Paula Deen, squash casserole. You'll be eatin' up in no time!

Elizabeth said...

I think we all have those days, I know I do, you are right,this too shall pass and you will be yourself again soon.

Saija said...

we're in the rain & mosquitoe part of summer ... not much sunshine here ... but i think i get what you're talking about!!! wanna switch houses? for a holiday? you can be the condo mama and we can be the farmers for a week? hey, that sounds like a wonderful blog friend thing to do, eh!!!??? *smile* ...

and congrats on a blog-a-versary!!! sometimes i think i will quite blogging, but then i would miss my buds so much - and i want to have a blog where they can visit too ... so i get reinspired!

blessings on you!!!

Lisa said...

hehe I know it isn't funny but, well, it kind of is. :) Yor last paragraph is so important and if only I had read it 20 years ago...sigh. Do remember the post you made not so long ago about the gardener who got excited at the beginning of the season and then later...not so much...and it was ok. It's ok.

I am so happy to have reconnected with you here at your blog again. You always have such words of wisdom. Thank Grace for me.