Monday, July 27, 2009

Of This Cold July

A special thanks to each of you for your kindnesses concerning my blogiversary. I love how those kinds of posts bring out my readers--I enjoy hearing from each of you.

Jodi asked if we'd had any damage from the tornadoes in our state, and fortunately, no, no damage here. The tornadoes have been a tad east and south of us... how sad to watch the local news this morning. But oh my, we've had some wild thunderstorms here all of July, ones which make me nervous as I've told you before.

And guess what? Most likely Buffalo will break a weather record this month--and in my opinion, it's a wonderful record, indeed. Barring a sudden heat wave, this July will go down as the coldest July on record. Wow. Now, are Tom and I complaining like some people, especially those with swimming pools? No siree. (And how funny to be thankful for not having a swimming pool, lest it become another thing about which to complain. heh.) No, we'll rejoice in a cold July anytime because we really, really do not like hot, humid weather.

And I especially love that I've not had to haul our air-conditioner up here from the basement... and how pleasant to ponder all the money we've saved. :)


Queen of France said...

Here in PA we also have had a lovely cool July - BUT being Hearty Northern People (as my Father calls us) we've gone swimming constantly. my folks have a swimming pool (Came with the house) and when city living gets the best of me - i head on over for a nice, cool wonderfully refreshing dip.

i LOVE swimming and water and summer and this July has been one of the best ever...kind of like the ones of my childhood!

Happy July!

Judy said...

It's the coldest on record here in West Michigan, too.

I LOVE it.

Happy Blogaversary! Mine was the 24th. Too busy to note it, as my dad went back into the hospital and my sister got married!

jodi said...

It has been cool here in VA also. The AC is on now but that is because we have a house guest with severe allergies. Most of the time it has been off. The spring fed pool where we swim has been a tad cool for swimming though I still get in there!