Saturday, July 11, 2009

You know how they say, when you lose a spouse, don't make any major decisions right away? Well, I recalled that last week on a day when I'd slept less than six hours the previous night.

I was cranky. Grouchy. Sleepy and feeling lazy like you wouldn't believe. And then I walked out to the garden, gazed around at our four acres, and heard these sorry thoughts:

"Good grief. What have we gotten ourselves into? Look at this place! Look at all the weeds. And why is the stupid lawn growing so darn fast? Why didn't we buy a place with a yard half this size? And why are we always buying houses that have to be fixed-up, painted and repaired?"

Yada, yada, yada. You know.

But then Wisdom spoke in the midst of all that whining. "Hey Debra! Your body and mind are tired. You didn't sleep well, remember? The worst thing you can do is make decisions and judgements when you're weary. You're not thinking according to what is real, but rather, the tired way you're feeling at this moment and feelings are changeable."

Wow. That helped. A lot.

Later I asked myself, have I bailed out of a friendship because my friend said or did something unjust when she was tired/cranky/going through a rough time? Have I abandoned projects or churches or groups during their uncomfortable seasons of adjustments, instead of waiting it out?

Wait to speak. Wait to move. Wait to run. Wait until God says to go--or stay. But wait until you hear from Him.

That's what Wisdom was whispering to me this week.


"Be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to become angry..." James 1:19

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..." (All things which He asked me to do.)


The little ladies on our front porch. Are they adorbs, or what?



Lisa said...

Such wonderful advice. Pretty view!

David Warren Fisher said...


Please check out my latest post on Pilgrim Scribblings. You'll be pleased, I think!

We are driving through your area on Wednesday evening, staying over near I-90 and Transit Road and then going on to Lancaster County, PA on Thursday morning. I'll wave as I drive usual. One day we will meet. That will be fun.

Donetta said...

:) and then try to go take a nap....

Pearl said...

The fields the flowers the animals, feels like peace to me. Wish I could stand there and soak it all in. I'll create my own serenity with my new place. Thanks for sharing Debra!