Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here is a plaque I found at a yard sale. My grandparents owned one very much like it and for me, it's hard to pass by anything which reminds me of them. Remembrances of those two sweet folks are here and there around my house, keeping them close.
And here is one of our 'miracle' storm doors.

 We ordered two of them yesterday and were told it would take four weeks for them to be delivered and installed. 

But hey! They were installed today. Today! And oh, I didn't know just how much the dirty old broken screen doors bothered me until until these new doors came along. A small change, yet a huge impact--the house even feels larger, looking from the kitchen to the front porch. 

(The green bench was a yard sale discovery for only $2 and made by the father of the woman who sold it to me. She was feeling sentimental about letting me take it, I could tell.)

Tom and I celebrated our new doors with rainbow sherbet while watching Stargate SG-1. Does it get any better than that? ツ



Judy said...

So fun to know of other couples who 'know how to live'!

Elizabeth said...

I love the bench ! your door is lovely and rainbow sherbert with your dh, no it doesn't get much better! Simple Pleasures!

Myrna said...

I've got the "contentment" motto hanging in the guest bath...I love it!

Pat said...

I seriously don't think it gets much better then that!
When I ordered my new storm doors (just like yours) and they were installed you'd think I just won the lottery, they made me so happy!
Love the bench too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I clearly remember this in my mum's home. Right up there with the plaquet for hot pans giving us our daily bread!! What a great memory!

Pearl said...

Hi Debra, Come and visit me! I have something to share with you. I would love some advice after you see it??? Take care my dear friend and know that I love you and appreciate you for showing me the way!!