Friday, July 17, 2009

Sadly, today I had to choose to no longer read a certain Christian country-living blog. 

It wasn't a blog I read daily, but whenever I did, (it seemed), the author described how the old days are better than these. And how most people today don't know how to live or care for their children or do anything 'right'.

Once she saw young people shopping for 'green products' and she stated they only did so because it was a fad, not because of any personal convictions about the environment. 

Oh my goodness. She wrote that months ago and it still horrifies me.

To judge motives of strangers like that! And well, too many posts were like that one. I've felt for months I should let that blog go, but I kept giving her blog one more try, then one more because I do like the way she writes (just often not the what).

I don't care to read blogs, even Christian ones, where the author concentrates on what is going wrong in our world. Don't we already know what is wrong? Isn't that what the nightly news preaches evening? 

Don't we get plenty bad news from the newspaper, from online and from just living Life?

I need blogs which point out the creative ways God still moves upon hearts and in neighborhoods. He's still alive, He still touches us with His compassion and hope and He still spreads peace through us to others who so need it.

I want to be reminded of how good God is, not of how bad His children can sometimes be. And for those of you still there on my blog list, I thank you for reminding me of just that.



Donetta said...

:) let that speech be seasoned with love...taste a lot better too:)
Those bitter herbs that just get to the digestion :)
Hard hearts are wounded hearts.
Hurt people heart people, yet the is a time for everything that includes a time to heal and flee from things that would leave us embittered.
Bitterness is an active choice it really is not a passive act. It is a choice as difficult as humility can be the fruit of it has such sweetness to it.

Judy said...

So glad I'm still on your list!

I've been awfully cranky lately.

I totally get your meaning, though.

Sometimes I find myself wondering, where's the 'wonder'? It's out there, and it's full!


That's you and your blog, Debra.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

You are right, Debra. There is so much good in the world now, and it is so filled with God's gifts to us, that I feel, despite knowing of so much sufferring and downright evil happening, I feel that gratitude is our only right response. I believe we are meant to hold on to what is good and noble and turn our eyes to that. If we concentrate only on what is wrong with the world we will not add to what is good. We will be sinking in a pool of quicksand of our own making. Sometimes it is quite difficult to avoid it, but we must.

In the "good old days" there was also an immense amount of wrongness happening, along with goodness.

We can try to choose what we will focus on, we can choose the direction of our attention. We can resist spending our time with thinking about what is wrong with the world and follow grace to put goodness into our little part of it. This is a really strong idea. It falls, for me, into the thoughts about "with all thy getting, get thee wisdom."

Thank you for posting this........My daughter gave me a link to a good news website which posted good news everyday and somehow I've lost it. But I try not to listen to all the bad news. It's not just about being an ostrich! It's about protecting myself from despair and a very one-sided view of the world.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I think that it is sad that someone who loves God, is bitter and angry.
Some need is not being met.

Anonymous said...

There is a world of wisdom in your words also Kristi. I'm needing good words lately.


Queen of France said...

i have to agree with one thing: this whole 'green' thing is more a fad with most....WITH MOST....then a personal conviction. i've seen friends who bend with every Politically Correct wind that blows and they've jumped on the 'green' bandwagon as well but it's only something they are doing to be cool.

To be totally honest...this whole 'going green' fad kinda makes me sick to my stomach. If people just lived decent responsible lives and cared more for the local farmer..this would just be a way of life for most...

i know i'm probably not taking the popular view on this - but it's how i truly feel.