Monday, July 06, 2009

Just came inside from doing daily battle with Japanese Beetles. I think I've killed 50 so far. Generally I hate killing anything, but (don't tell anyone) I'm actually having fun whacking at these destructive creatures and seeing them float, lifeless, in my bright yellow pail.

Speaking of yellow, I also just now brought in my very first yellow crookneck squash of the summer. Beautiful thing on a beautiful afternoon--we had a summer shower which left us with bright blue skies and gleaming raindrops upon everything green.

Bob the Milkman just left, too. He liked our new kitchen storm door.

Progress is nice. But alas, progress tends to come slowly around here so I should doubly appreciate and celebrate it, I think. And be more patient waiting or working for it next time.


Is that little gnome guy adorable or what? He was only $1 at a yard sale. And the old-fashioned wooden tulip and chick were only 25 cents each.

The yellow flowers are sundrops, my new favorite perennial.


... Paige said...

My goodness it is just a growing. cute finds

Donetta said...

Oh those sundrops are so aptly named. The gnome adds so much character too. How marvelous in these later years of your life you are so richly surrounded in beauty. I know you must have brought so much of it into the lives around you.