Monday, August 03, 2009

For many years I've told Tom that people with white walls are chicken. Wimps. Afraid of color.

But here I am today in the middle of painting my own kitchen all white.

Alas. Never say never (and never judge people for their decorating choices. I know, I know. Lesson learned.).

I love how the kitchen is looking. I'd love it even more if I'd used a good quality of white paint, one tinted just perfectly. Maybe someday. Today it is what it is and I used what I had.

And it's finally making me happy with this kitchen of mine.


I left the square of green behind the oval painting because green sets off the colors better (a yard sale find, only $2). I may paint a green square behind the red shelf and one over a doorway (not shown) where I've hung an old-fashioned-looking painting of a rooster, colors similar to the oval painting over the stove. A splash of color here and there is nice, too. :)

The rooster was a yard sale find, too. Just $2.


Dolores said...

Debra, the kitchen looks great! I love white kitchens. So fresh and clean and you can change the decor more easily. Dolores

... Paige said...

looks fantastic. and the green behind the picture frames it wonderfuly, great idea.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I love this look, Debra! So fresh, so good at setting off the other things, so cool - yet in winter you can have your warm accents!

I quite agree that our tastes change. I am tired of the wallpaper I put up so enthusiastically in the mid-80s. But oh, the yukky work of taking down wallpaper!

Elizabeth said...

It looks great Debra. I also have a white kitchen and have for 10 years. I started with blue decor then went to hunter green and now have rose and sage green and I am thinking about going red and yellow!

Donetta said...

cute! I have always loved color on my walls. Last year when we put the estate up for sale all walls went white. While in some ways it drives me crazy it really is opening up choices and a new beginning.
I like the green accent square very cute. What of a extra fine line around the green in the plate color the rust/red?

Saija said...

i love your kitchen too! :o)
white is clean ... and white is what the old fashioned farmhouse kitchens were like (or so it seems in my memory) ... great look!