Monday, April 15, 2013

The House Colors of My Heart

So last week when I looked at the blue of that lamp (and frame) and the red of our door, well, I nearly gasped. "How pretty they are together!," I thought.

Then I laughed, for--if I lived alone--my whole house decor would scream Carnival Board Walk.

No, really.

Contrasting bright, cheerful colors! Love, love, love them. Brown-stained furniture? Eh. Not so much.

Oh well. Like I told you before, my home in Heaven will look like Kim's Daisy Cottage. I know that already. Happy sigh.

And I can wait a while longer to live within all those bright, bright colors. After all, they'll be mine for, like, eternity.


Meanwhile back at the ranch (heh).... we're due for 70 sunny degrees today. Is there really such a thing as 70 degrees?! Oh, the excitement around Hobbit Cottage this morning! Even Daniel and Sammy feel it.


On Saturday afternoon Tom and I watched We Bought a Zoo while eating Subway turkey sandwiches on flat bread (yum). And even though I long ago overdosed on what Naomi frowningly calls 'family feel good movies', I loved this film on many different levels, including the one that it's based on a real story/zoo.

Oh, and Friday night we instant-Netflixed a spiffy documentary travel-type film called Where The Yellowstone Goes. One of those pieces which makes you feel as though you actually traveled somewhere (when in reality, you were a slug on your couch). 

But you'll enjoy this only if you appreciate slow, meandering-down-the-river types of stories. Which Tom and I do, especially on weekends where relaxation is our theme.


A passionate love for Jesus changes everything.


Deborah Raney said...

I'm with you, Debra: carnival boardwalk is my style! Give me color. Lots of it. Especially if that color is red! That view of your door is breathtaking!

Judy said...

I can totally see that! And I LOVE how it looks!
My style is obviously "antique mall booth". Lot's of nostalgic pieces all crowded together with 'i like it' being my theme.

Bonnie said...

Awww....I miss Daisy Cottage and Kim. Maybe I should just re-read her whole blog. Such a spirit-lifter. Remember her little dog? I had almost forgotten about your red door till I saw it now! So cheery. Glad you're enjoying your warm weather.