Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Do you love that idea for planting seedlings or what?! (My local coupon blogger posted this photo.)

Last year Tom installed shelves in our garage, greatly annoying me that two of the shelves extended across the window. I mean, a cute garage window should have two little white tied-back curtains and not shelves, right?

Well, after seeing this photo, my annoyance flew away, for I'd been searching for a safe no-cat-zone so to start seedlings indoors, but I'd given-up. Yet those shelves across the garage window! They'll be perfect for seedlings, well, once our nighttime temps decide to stop plummeting. (It actually had the nerve to snow on Saturday! gah.)


But hooray! Today has glowed with sunshine since minute 1 of sunrise.

Sunday afternoons! Don't they always feel ten hours long to you? They have to me ever since age 17, and trust me, I didn't always appreciate that. But now? Now since I love my life and weekday hours positively zoom past, any slowing down of time is welcome.

And something odd? For whole decades on late Sunday afternoons, I've often rushed around doing a few of Monday's chores. Why? Because it feels like cheating. Like getting away with something. Like working without any effort, really, gifting me with free time on Monday to do whatever I want. Anyone else ever feel this way? 


Today while rearranging books in my kindle cloud reader, I began reading one and could not step away from this computer! Oh my, Linda Hall's Steal Away grabbed my attention and would not let me go. I'm so thankful I snatched this ebook while it was free at DailyFreeBooks. Highly recommended, especially for you, Anne G.!  :)


.75 cents off Pagoda Express frozen foods. Bought some yummy egg rolls, 4 of them, for only $1.50 with this doubled coupon and a sale price.

Oh, and this weekend I got free bottles of Pepsi and Pure Leaf Tea with coupons+sales. Now, do Tom and I drink those? Not usually. But I had a lightbulb moment last week--why not go ahead and collect free drinks for our prepper drinking water supply in our basement? We'd certainly drink them in an emergency situation! :)


"The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places..."   ... Psalm 16:5

A passionate love for Jesus changes everything.


Terra said...

Nice shelves for starting your seeds.

Robin in New Jersey said...

We would love to start seed indoors, but our cat would just eat them as soon as they sprouted.

Great idea if you have a garage window!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea for a box to start seedlings in...don't know when I would use that idea...but I do save such ideas...for whenever that time might come!! Thanks for sharing that.

Elizabeth in VA