Friday, April 19, 2013

Freebies For You

Busy, busy.... with good things.

Seems like only three days ago I ordered a free copy of The Gardener's Idea Book and it's already arrived! You, too, can order your own copy here. Such amazing colorful photos of gardens inside as well as gardening info. You'll love it!


Oh, and are you acquainted with Recyclebank? You learn about recycling and 'going green' there and then earn points for coupons and prizes of all sorts. 

In fact, today I sent for a free subscription to All You Magazine! I had to earn 400 points, but it was well worth letting my housework slide for hours to do so. heh. All You is known for its abundance of terrific coupons and of course, its helpful articles. (But of course, I'm most excited about the coupons!)


I learned about that All You offer from my favorite local coupon blogger, Christina, (who I'm signed-up with at Facebook, too). She and other coupon ladies have alerted me to tons of deals I'd hated to have missed! 

Once again, I must recommend finding the local coupon bloggers from your own area. They're invaluable. Christina even sent us her extra coupons by mail and we're all helping each other in lots of ways there at Facebook. This even reminds me of the contesting ladies who helped one another in Prize Winner of Defiance, OH. Happy sigh.


Aww... I adore reunion stories like this one. Have kleenex handy!


And here's some guacamole coupons for you:

Wholly Guacamole $1.50 coupon  Our freezer is stuffed with these and Mr. Burrito Tom has this with nearly every meal.

Also-- .95 cents off Pure Leaf iced tea, making it free or nearly so, even without doubling the coupon! (A Facebook coupon. I was able to print two.)

I'll also be getting Weight Watchers spreadable cheese this week with this coupon for $1 off.


Oh and just a reminder.... when it comes to watching today's news--follow Grace! If she's there watching with you and you still feel fine, hopeful and prayerful--great! But if you're slunk down in your recliner all bummed-out, depressed and full of oreos, ice cream and donuts, well, you may want to get up and go see where Grace is waiting for you!  :)


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Anonymous said...

I have heard the new news but am still bathed in the Heaven stories and other thoughts of God's Word right now. Feels better to praise Him, pray for those who have been hurt her and around the world, and do good to His people right now and not dwell on the negative.

I get a good discount on All You,..but free would be better!! :) Thank you for the information on this...and So Many Other Things! :-) Sarah