Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Day After Tomorrow!

Andy the Weather Guy promised us that we'll wake up on Thursday and it will be a whole other season. Spring! We'll be 20 degrees warmer, we'll have no more winter storms and Springtime will have arrived.

I am doing cartwheels and back flips inside my head. Majorly.

And actually? We still have it easier than we used to in the Old Days. I remember when Naomi and I first flew here from Nevada (where trees were green) to Buffalo on April 28th, 1993 and as we landed I peered out the window and saw a brown, brown and did I mention brown? petrified-forest-with-weary-silent-old-houses landscape. 

And it took two more weeks after that before these New York trees bloomed green.

Many other winters followed suit.

But these later years? Spring always arrives earlier(!) Trust me, I've noticed.


Is anyone here interested in learning about using coupons and getting free (or super cheap) groceries? I have an email of useful information all ready to send out to anyone who asks for it. Lots of links are included to the best sites for coupons and information. Just email me and it's yours for the asking! GladOne4@yahoo.com  . 

(Please include the word, coupon, somewhere in your subject line. Thanks!)


Tom's new job will be very challenging, causing him to think in new ways, but he knows he will enjoy it! He's already thrilled that there's no profanity allowed around the office. He really loved the guys at his last job, but wowsers!... could some of them swear!


" but the cheerful heart has a continual feast."   ... Proverbs 15:15

Yes! That's exactly what it's like. A cheerful-hearted person, every day, sits at a table full of long lines of tasty things, so many, he/she can't even eat them all. There's just too much. Yet it's even a joy just seeing each incredible dish then spilling over with gratefulness to the One who provided it all.


Here's a .75 cent coupon for any Clorox product. A great coupon for doubling!

Oh, and at coupons.com there's another coupon for .55 cents off of Reser's deli salad. I like to use those at Dollar Tree--we get the macaroni salad for only .45 cents--Tom and I each take half so it's a tiny amount, but just right portion-wise and there's no cooking involved(!)


A passionate love for Jesus changes everything.

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Robin in New Jersey said...

You are such a positive person. I enjoy coming here and being encouraged.

The sun has been shining here, but it is still cold. This morning when I got up it was 20 degrees outside! Today it might hit 45 and Saturday might make it to 50! The weather men are saying normal for this time of year is 60. I did hang out sheets on the line on Monday when it was 55. :)

Sending an email for the coupon information. Thank you Debra!