Thursday, May 31, 2012

When You Have a Wallpaper Disaster Day

Grrr. Around here, yesterday was known as Wallpaper Disaster Day.

That back porch wall was too darn tall. I used two stepladders, one a bit higher than the other, but neither was right, and searched the basement for the tall ladder I remember using when I placed those western characters in the cubby above our stairs, (see above photo. Had I ever shown that to you before?). 

Tom insists that the tall ladder's still down there, but oh well.

Anyway, when I found myself using a snow shovel with a pillow case pulled over it to try to make the overhanging, drooping, dripping mess, stick--and when I saw the rip above the sconce (usually I'm good at papering around light fixtures)--and by the time I considered crying, well, I knew I was defeated. This party was over.

So I ripped down that second piece and wadded it into the trash. The first piece (which had taken ages to hang), I peeled off, then walked it out to the front porch to dry. I'll save it for craft projects.

I crawled upstairs and looked at the short wall behind my dresser (blessedly, no need for ladders up there) and asked myself if I'd like to paper that wall today. But I crabbed, "No way. I'll wait until I can look at a roll of wallpaper without despising it."

Some days are like that, you know.

Days when you realize you're just not as clever or physically able as you once were. Times you must face that--if you want a certain thing done--you'll have to ask for help, even though, in the Old Days, you could have done that thing easily alone. Quickly, too.  Requiring a decision to be made--when part of the fun is the doing, do you want to share that with someone else, especially someone who may not enjoy the process like you do?

I already have a new idea forming in my mind about that back wall, something involving a rectangle patch of wallpaper surrounding the sconce set into the center of a larger rectangle of a painted square. Then perhaps a frame of molding around that, though I don't know how to miter corners. Perhaps I could ask Tom for help with that.

Again, oh well. Live and learn and probably this new idea will be a better one. Many things happen for a reason and perhaps that includes the occasional Wallpaper Disaster Day.


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Sara said...

I know you must be disappointed because I am! There must be a better spot for that beautiful paper or another day when it will be completed or another plan for that Tall Wall just waiting to be born in your ever creating mind. Ahhhh well. If we lived on the same street, this never would have happened!

Debra said...

Aww Sara.... You're sweet. And you know? I think I'm liking my new idea for that wall *better* than the original one. I can see it in my mind and it looks pretty nice. heh.

And someday soon I will paper the wall behind my dresser upstairs. Honest. Just gotta cool down in my head first. :)

And if you lived on my street, well, that would just be plain too good to be true. Really. :) Blessings, Debra

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh no! I was looking forward to seeing the wallpaper!

Thanks for the coupon links. The pasta one is gone. :(

Debra said...

Thanks, Robin. I'll try to give you some wallpaper to see soon. :)

And thanks for letting me know about the pasta coupon-- I took it off the list after your comment. Should have shared it last week when I first got it!

Thanks again... Debra

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Roman Meal bread coupon! :) Just in time for my store to have a sale on it too!
I need two windows and mini blinds taken down and washed...boy are they dirty! I can only reach now to do the first lower ones and then have to use a ladder and then get into the kitchen counter to take the mini blind and valance down and do the windows. I USED to be able to do that. Where did that girl go who used to think nothing of doing this? I am realizing I am now in a different stage of life and better take care of myself to keep what skills I still have! :) Now that there is only sweet hubby and me we both realize we need to watch our selfs so we can stay healthy for each other. The children and grandchildren have their own lives and we want to try to do all we can and not interfere. They are willing to help in any way but also have a life to live their own lives too. :-) Seems the older you get the smaller your world gets. You find you can no longer get on the roof...[or the kitchen counter! :) ] and so many little things you never thought were a problem start to be. I am sooo very blessed that the Lord has let me still be able to do most I want to do. Somethings I cannot do are because I did not keep myself physically fit and hurt my own self. I keep thinking of your mother and her husband still being able to hike around so much. Now they did the care of themselves!! :)
Sorry about the wall paper. I never tried putting any up. Just think if you put it up so high...someday you will have to get it down so high up too!!! :) :) Your new idea sounds very pretty. Well that is all for now Suzy Homemaker. Sarah

K.E. said...

Home Depot, Lowe's or your local hardware store might miter the corners for free (or very inexpensively) if you get the moulding from them. I think they give you several cuts at no charge.
I would NEVER attempt wallpapering, so I admire you for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to add...I don't remember you showing us this high shelf before...I like it! Nice to have such extra added features built in. Cool !! Too bad Tom didn't tape you trying to put up that wall paper with the snow shovel and pillow!!! :) It would have been a big hit on You tube! !!! Titled: ...Where there is a will there is a way!!! Sarah

Bonnie said...

Oh shoot, Debra. Been there/done that. :( Not with wallpaper (my husband did a lot of awesome wallpapering in our first house) but boy I can't tell you how many sewing projects I have balled up and thrown away in my day. It's almost a relief when you say, "I give up!" hahaha. You are not alone. Better days are comin'. You'll get your wallpapering groove back. : )

Bonnie said...

P.S. This post brought back nice memories of helping my Dad wallpaper when I was a kid. Once in a while he just needed an extra hand and would call from the other room for help.

also.....yes, I'm in southern california, about 40 minutes east of Los Angeles. We get high 90's and 100's come August/September. Not lilac-friendly, I'm afraid.