Friday, May 18, 2012

When You Keep At It ....


When I called my mom on Mother's Day, she told me that, on the previous Tuesday, she and her boyfriend hiked ten miles up and down a mountain trail. Ten miles.

Good grief. My 73-year-old mother is now officially in better shape than I am.

I mean, me hike ten miles? Some of which are uphill? Uh, no. I would die.

No, seriously.

Of course, I saw this day coming--Mom and Phil have been walking a few miles daily for a couple years now whereas I've been walking less and less than ever before (back in the other 'burbs, I used to walk lots). So hey, this had to happen sometime.

So yeah, yeah, yeah.... As I'm always preaching to you--we reap what we sow and that applies to walking, also. And to everything else.

I know. I know.

So guess who's gonna get back out there and 'just do it'. Yeah, me. The 53-year-old daughter who's had just about enough of this being out-walked, out-distanced by her mother.

Bleh.  :)


Of course, you know I'm actually, in reality, quite proud of good ol' Mom who's created a whole other life for herself since my dad passed away. She's an inspiration and I brag about her to just about anyone who has ears.


My buddy, Mary, sent me this video and it inspired my socks off. Great song and great people in the video. You'll love it. 

(And thanks again, Mary.)



Bonnie said...

You'll be so glad you did. Just work up to it. And you had been asking us for ideas of things you could do that were low-cost! You could walk on your own after Tom leaves for work in the morning. Perfect time of year to start, too. How is the job going?

Sara said...

I was just thinking it's a beautiful time of year to start morning walks around the neighborhood. Of course, I was laying in bed at the time, where I am often inspired to things like that. Happily catching up on blogs today, love your new header picture!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Your mom is awesome! My 71 year old mom used to walk A LOT. The her knees started bothering her. Now she does water aerobics at the Y 3 times a week. I try to walk 3 times a week. You are inspiring me to get out and just do it! I should be setting an example for my younger girls!

That video was excellent!

Anonymous said...

You will never regret getting out there and starting on the rest of your healthier life. I sure wish I had started earlier. One thing I have found hurt me was over doing it. As in filling the wheelbarrow way to heavy and pulling it anyway etc. I used to be able to arm wrestle some of my gentlemen friends when young and win but still should not have over done over and over pushing myself beyond. I hurt my shoulders and arms,legs let alone back. Now when I try to warn others to not hurt them selfs they just say " I am young and strong and it is ok I can do it" ...yea that is what I said way back too... :( God had given me a wonderful body and it is now up to me to do my best to get it in the best shape for the shape I am in now! :) I now have to work around several body hurts but still have a better working body than so many do with serious health I have no real excuse for not trying my best. {I am preaching to myself! :) } Thanks for the inspiration....Again. Sarah