Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Favorite Place to Eat

Some people adore their favorite elegant French restaurants or expensive steak houses, but not me. I'm one happy, satisfied lady when I get to go here, to this fun retro place, above.

Tom and I ate here again on Saturday (this is the place that I told you was closed on Mother's Day weekend), yet I didn't take this photo, but rather, stole it off the Net because my brain refuses to remind me to take the camera when I go there. If I had snapped a photo, I'd have shown you the best part! It's the deck at the far right (see the red umbrella?) which hangs over a lazy, silent river. How cool is that? We even saw a turtle yesterday swimming in the middle--he was relaxing while the ducks were someplace else. 

This Tuesday night we'll be going to an oh-so-fancy restaurant with our financial guy and his other clients, thanks to someone he knows who's going to give a little speech, etc. We've already seen the menu, and well, just imagine every fancy, high-calorie, over-priced thing you've ever dreamed of eating--those are our choices.

But you know? I wish we were going to this hot dog place, instead. Man, we could all sit on the deck and watch the ducks in the river and the big, dilapidated house just on the other side (and imagine its rooms), and count the cars that zoom over the bridge. We could all laugh as much as we wanted and wipe ketchup and relish from our mouths from hamburgers and hot dogs. And relax, all dreamy-like in our casual, comfortable attire.

But oh well.

Another reason I love Hobbit Cottage? It's only around a mile away from this, our favorite place. Tom and I have come here for years (this is the place I've told you about many times), have dragged lots of friends here, too, and now! Now I could even walk here if I wished, some sunny, but cool day while Tom's at work. 

Just knowing I could do that makes me smile.

I hope you have a special, happy place to eat, too. (And I really, really wish you could come with me to mine!)


This is part of the painting on the wall of the covered dining area.


"Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as you have: for He has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you."  ... Hebrews 13:5



Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

How lucky you are to be near a place with such character and charm! And how even more blessed you and Tom are to know you're lucky that way.

Debra said...

Kristi--aw, I'm so glad you like this place! I'm wondering if Tom and I had begun going here when you and Paul came to visit...hmm...perhaps not, otherwise we'd have brought you here, most likely, though it's not near the Betsy-Tacy sites. :) But definitely, if you come again, this will be the first place we take you!

(Oh, and I just now read your post about your trip to Budapest--how fun! I'm so glad you had a great time and I look forward to reading more about it.)

Blessings, Debra

Pat said...

How fun! I'm so not into fancy schmancy places any more - those that require a certain dress code! I enjoy a good meal, but I enjoy it more in comfortable clothes!
I'm glad you two have your little special place to frequent!

Anonymous said...

We found "our place" too a couple years ago. We cannot stay away even a week. The food is good, sometimes even great. But really it is the welcome and feeling a part of the "family" there. No good views either...other than trees, shrubs and the nearby Pizza Hut, if you call that scenery. There is always a lot of people watching to do inside, plus chatting with some, and if we want, watching a bit of TV. If we stay in this state, we will try to relocate to that town, about 20 minutes from our present location. It is the next best thing to having family nearby.

Debra said...

Pat--as always, you sound just like me! :)

Anon--I'm glad you've found your favorite place, too, and yes! It's especially great when the people who work there (or visit) begin to feel like family.

Thanks for your comments! Blessings, Debra