Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Continual Feast

‎"Every day is a terrible day for a miserable person, but a cheerful heart has a continual feast." ... Proverbs 15:15

You know how we all have our top-five favorite verses? Well, that's one of mine.

I'm living it. Well, since 1994, anyway, when I fell hopelessly in love with Jesus and discovered He is the continual feast.

Some Christians still tell me Life on Earth is just one long trail of tears and joy will come only in Heaven. And that we all have our dry, desert weeks/months/years when we feel far from God. And that you can't expect to be happy while the government is screwing-up and the economy is bad.

I used to go on and on, trying to change their minds, but I don't anymore (unless God tells me the person wants change). Nope, usually I just smile, move on to a different subject, then go home and pray for the person. 

You can't push anyone into having a cheerful heart. 

 I've eaten from this continual feast too long to ever doubt it exists. Now, no one could ever talk me away from this very real table and all its delicious stuff. I've lived it both ways--sat at the table where everyone moans, gossips, complains, and throws darts at each other--and the other way-- sat at this table with the cheerful heart folks who laugh, talk about blessings and eat until they're full. I choose the latter one.

Another top-five verse? This one:

And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God. 1 Samuel 30:6

My, my, my. When everything was going wrong, David chose to encourage himself in God. 

I used to complain that I was always encouraging people, but seldom did anyone encourage me. "Why doesn't the sowing and reaping thing work in this area?", I wondered.

Then, after God grew tired of my whining, He showed me how David encouraged himself and how he received the encouragement straight from God--and how those ways were even better. 

So I began doing both and He was right. I mean, (now don't tell anyone), but you know how, at the end of each of my posts, you can click a box if you think the post was interesting? Well, a few times (just a few, now!) I've clicked that box, myself. Yeah, at the end of my own posts. Why? Well, as a way of encouraging myself. Because sometimes I'll find a post quite interesting--knowing God gave it to me--and it just makes me feel better that at least one person found what God said through me, interesting.

Ha! I find that funny and I hope you do, too. To me, it's more of the cheerful heart and continual feast stuff. God and me and joy and other happy souls all sitting around having that continual feast which is always there, no matter who's messing what up, wherever. An ever-present calm delight and other times of outright joy indescribable--all possible, but only if Jesus is sitting at the head of our continual feast table.


Thanks for your prayers for us and Daniel! He's still eating better than he was and your prayers are helping us believe for the best. And that means so much.


Oh! Check out Catnip Cottage, a quaint, delightful boarding place for cats. (Be sure to click on 'suites' on the left.) What a delightful place! And how fun that Brenda lives nearby and was enchanted by the outside and yard of this cute place.


Aaaand, I keep forgetting to tell you that last week we visited our friend, Donna, in her new hospital room. She looked wonderful, was in good spirits and I greatly admired the pretty blue on the walls of the large 2nd-story room and the long row of huge windows looking out on all sorts of trees in shades of spring colors and old, lovely homes. We'll visit her again today or tomorrow and we're hoping she'll be home soon where some of us will help create a larger, more accessible downstairs for her by opening a wall to a part of the house she and John rented-out as an apartment for years. Oh the decorating possibilities! :)

And okay! Just one more thing. Yesterday I took some photos of Tom for his Facebook profile out in our front yard and I like the way they came out. Just had to share at least one with you!

Over and out!  :)



Tracy said...

How wonderful that little Daniel is doing better! I will continue to pray for his recovery. I have such a tender spot for animals. :)

Robin in New Jersey said...

I love this post! If more people would just realize that their happiness doesn't come from another person, but from a relationship with the Lord! How often do we hear young ladies say, "If only I had someone to love me. Then I'd be happy." And how often do we run to other things in times of need and then go to the Lord and that's where we should have gone in the first place!

Have a lovely day, Debra!

Saija said...

i love that proverbs verse ... ain't it the truth!!!! and not only joy is ours ... but that 'peace that passeth all understanding' ... the one where we don't wring our hands, when others do ... when we step out into thin air and find a firm footing ... yup - blessings are there to be had in the spiritual realm, but not everyone wants them when complaining is more fun!

blessings on ya!

Anonymous said...

Our Hope is in the Lord!