Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beautiful Mother's Day

Happy sigh.

Yesterday at my house we celebrated Mother's Day because the weather guy promised the whole day would be sunny, but Sunday? Nah, that was iffy.

Well morning time, Tom asked me if I wanted to do yard sales, but I said, "No, I'm still sick of junk, but you go ahead and I'll work on my garden beds, instead. Just do not buy me anything, ok? I have everything I need. More than."

He bought me whole boxes of stuff. :) But cool stuff, at least:

So much more picturesque to use this than the plastic milk jug I'd been lugging around.

And do these dishes say 'cottage' or what? Enough for eight place settings, even. So I packed up our old mismatched, from-here-there-and-everywhere dishes and we'll whisk them away to the Salvation Army bin conveniently located one block away.

Loved the American Picker-ness of this old sign.

Plus, Tom amazingly bought two small guitar amps for only $5, total(!) 

Then we put away our new treasures and took off for our very favorite old-fashioned outside diner along a creek--the only place in the whole world I wanted to eat at that day-- but when we got there, alas! They were closed.  Oh, the disappointment tears formed in my eyes, but a sign in the window said the owners were attending their son's Eagle Scout ceremony, so hey, what could I say to that? Argh.

So we drove to our former suburb town, to good ol' Burger King (used a coupon at the window) then ate our lunch over at the park where we used to often have car picnics. I whipped-out my current book (Star-Spangled Summer-- I've only read it 20 times) and between turning pages, gazed around at all the spring-green trees and grass and chatted with Tom. And too, remembered how cool was Naomi's gift to me this year: in honor of Mother's Day, she's helping build a Habitat for Humanity House this weekend. Could there be a cooler gift for me? No, there could not. So perfect.

And after that sunny, green peaceful hour, we drove the few blocks to the hospital where we visited Donna and as always, enjoyed our time with her, made even more fun by her nurse who looked lots like Kirsty Ally (out in the hall afterward, Tom nudged me and asked if I'd noticed. I had.).

On the way home, Tom really, really wanted to stop at an estate sale, so I told him I'd happily remain in the car with my books (too small house, too many people). Well, though I told him just don't buy anything big and heavy--guess what he did? Bought an old-fashioned stereo cabinet, but oh well, it was for his room so to hide his collection (and Naomi's) of dusty old albums. So later, while we lugged that heavy thing up our front steps I moaned that--from now on, puff, puff--he'd have to grab a neighbor to help, puff, because I'm, puff, too old for this. And I also told him he owed me bigtime. As in chocolate ice cream.

So after lemon-oiling his new acquisition Tom went for ice cream and I finished settling his room for him. He got home, admired my quick decorating work, then we ate our ice cream while watching good ol' Bear Grylls (who we both love) for our daily let-Bear-take-dangerous-adventures-for-us fix.

Then later, Naomi called again to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and we chatted awhile, she thanking me for giving her life, me thanking her for making my life not a half-full one, but a full one.

Oh wow. I loved that day, a remarkable day where Daniel improved even more, bugging Sammy royally like he used to and we can only rejoice, deeply, at his regaining health:

So I crawled up the stairs last night, so tired, but happy and grateful for this abundant Life which God has given me.


Happy, happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


Oh! One more thing--My sister shared this photo of our parents on Facebook, so in honor of Mother's Day, here's my mom back in the days when I was 6 years old:

Lovely, right? I'm still trying to think of the movie/tv star who my mom reminds me of in this photo. Hmm....



Judy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Debra!
The day you describe here sounds wooonderful.
And I am so glad to hear that Daniel is making great improvement.
So is Zeke. Moving slowly, but moving!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Your mom's photo kind of reminds me of Annette Funicello. (sp?)
Are the dishes Tom bought for you "Independence Ironstone"? I have some that are about 50 years old and are a different pattern but the same shape. He has a good eye!
Sounds like you had a lovely day celebrating Mother's Day. Me too.

Anonymous said...

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday too. Being all together is the celebration. Tom sure knows you well to be able to pick out just he things in among all the others you would truly love. My hubby is the same. By the way I love what he found too! :) My sister is really good at giving to organizations and such in my name as presents. Love it. She knows too what groups are dearest to my heart. I am glad your weekend was a good relaxing one. Every day is good when you walk with God isn't it. Sarah

Elizabeth said...

Glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day!
I did too!

Bonnie said...

Your mom was beautiful....I wonder if that dress was christmas red or green? Did she ever tell you?

Tom has good taste! Those dishes look just like you. Use them in good health. : )

Naomi working at a Habitat for Humanity House in your honor is very touching. You "done good" raising your girl.

Debra said...

Judy--oh! You must be feeling so much more encouraged about Zeke. yay!

Nancy--Annette is a good comparison! Thanks for playing that game with me. :) The dishes say Avon Sweet Country Harvest. We're enjoying using them.

Sarah--your comments are always so encouraging--thank-you!

Elizabeth--so happy you had a good Mother's Day. I need to get over to your blog to see if you wrote about it! :)

Bonnie--thank-you! I'm pretty sure the dress was green because I think I actually remember that one. If I think of it, I'll ask my mom when I call her next.

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra