Friday, May 04, 2012

Of Cats. Of Miracles.

Man... they're not making cats like they used to.

I mean, back in the Old Days, Tom and I would get young cats and we'd go for whole years without needing to take them to the vet. 

But good gracious--yesterday we had to take Daniel in again. He has an ear infection, he's only picking at his food and the doctor is concerned about Daniel's liver something-or-rather being a bit too high.

So a whole bag of medicine and a few hundred dollars later, we came out of the vet's building with Daniel in his carrier, reeling. Yet one thing we've discovered? When we must pay for something--when there's no way around it--God provides richly. So we drove home not worrying at all about the money aspect, just a bit about Daniel, himself. (If you believe in praying for cats, please remember him, ok? He is so special--like all of our favorite past cats come-back-to-life.)

And later after we arrived home? We received another financial miracle. Oh, there have been many these past 20 months of Tom's unemployment. But this one? Wow. I can't tell you about it for a few more days, but it's pretty exciting stuff.

So stay tuned. 

And please keep believing for the miracles you need in your own life. Never, ever lose hope. Keep doing the right things and eventually the right things will happen to you.


Oh, and just because I again finished rereading Ramona's World this morning (and have the tears in my eyes to prove it), I'll post this link to a post I wrote about that last chapter here. Cleary's final Ramona chapter moves me and reminds me to be more patient and accepting of everyone... among many other thoughts, as well.



Rita said...

I had lost hope for a bit this morning. Thank you for your reminder. My daughter needs to leave her job please pray that she will have the courage to do it. To believe there are other places to work. And life does not have to be painful each day.

Mrs. Mac said...

I think there are more pet illnesses due to commercial pet foods. I've seen so many beloved pets with liver problems of late. I hope your kitty is OK and on the mend.

Don't you just LOVE it when you realize God's abundant blessings in life and give Him the glory. So happy for you.

K.E. said...

Oh no. Will say a prayer for Rita's daughter and a couple of cats too. I think God hears them all.

Debra said...

Thanks so much, Everyone, for your prayers. They mean so much! Rita--I'm praying for your daughter... Blessings, Debra