Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The This and That of Lately

I'm not sure I'd ever seen peonies this color before they appeared here at our very own Hobbit Cottage. Pretty! And while I took that photo this morning I noticed my new wallpaper lying upon our front porch... hooray! Our weather has finally cooled (and will remain so for a whole lovely string of days) and de-humidified after four steamy days, making it perfect for being creative around the house. So look-out back porch wall, here I come.


Tom worked 15 hours yesterday(!) and by tomorrow, he'll have worked 10 out of the last 11 days, 4 of those were 12-hour shifts (which they'll be from now on) and then that one 15-hour shift where he went in at 3 a.m., came back at 10 for a boss-suggested nap till 1:00, then went back in until 9:00.

Man, it's feast or famine around here. Either Tom's in the recliner watching tv while his brain turns to oatmeal or he's working a million hours. 

But am I complaining? Me? :)

Life in the power plant! To be fair, it's the fault of Start-Up which, at any plant, totally takes over men's lives. Off and on I've dealt with this for 30 years, so I should be used to it. I just get concerned about a 55-year-old guy doing this, but as I said, mostly Tom seems to be thriving on the newness and challenge of it all (this is a different source of power than he's used to) so I will choose to be patient. And trusting. And happy.


Well, it's been too hot to do much of anything (our air-conditioner is in the basement, but I'd rather not heave-ho it upstairs until the hot weather comes to stay) and our vacuum belt is broken so I can't vacuum, but must, instead, crawl around with masking tape to pick up all the black wads of Sammy's hair which Daniel spits out while playing with him..... and so.... I had my own little Leave It To Beaver marathon yesterday via Netflix instant view. 

Happy sigh. 

I became all inspired to play June Cleaver, even in this heat, and I washed our fabric shower curtain as I'd been meaning to for ages and hung a new plastic liner, even.

Thank-you, June, for the inspiration you never fail to give to keep a nice, neat and welcoming home, even in these pre-droopy, 2012 hot days of late Spring.


(I believe that's the very same type of roses we had at our other suburb house. Cool.)



Sara said...

You'll need to sit down and take a deep breath to believe this but...I love peonies too! I planted two this weekend, one white and one the same vibrant pinky red as yours! Hobbit Cottage is looking sweet enough for lemonade with Blondie & Baby Dumplin'!

Bonnie said...

Awww...Peonies. I miss them. We don't have them here in California. Or lilacs. : ( I think my favorite peonie color are the white tinged with pink. Thank you for that picture, Debra.

Wow, I had no idea that Tom would be working such long days. Glad he's up to it!

I know you've been having balmy days! My dad's lawnmower has been broken and he said the lawn is growing so fast he can *hear* it!

Debra said...

Sara--thank-you for your kind words about our home! And my oh my... you like peonies too?! :)

Bonnie--you're welcome! Hmm... I used to have lilacs in northern California and recall seeing them in lots of places. I'm thinking you're in the southern that right? Perhaps since the weather's so different down there lilacs would have problems. :)

And yes! Our normally-slow lawn has been growing like crazy. Hope your dad's lawnmower gets fixed before his lawn becomes jungle-like!

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra