Friday, May 11, 2012

Good Reports = Healthy Bones

"Rejoice with those who rejoice."  ... Romans 12:15

"... whatever is of a good report... think on these things."  Philippians 4:8


I have four or five friends at Facebook who usually report the bad news to the rest of us (like we're not already reading it all over the Net) and usually they add their own sarcastic undertones. "Look what Obama's doing now. Big surprise, huh?" Or "Did you see that latest Time Magazine cover? Sheesh, what were they thinking?" Or they'll link to articles about the mistakes/sins of movie stars, Congress, secular colleges (and their books), musicians, politicians and just about everyone else who ever erred or lived in darkness without God. **

Know what's sad? I'm nearly always having to click on 'Hide Story' with those friends. I don't want bad reports turning my home page into a collection of Life's Rotten Stuff. 

You know, don't you, that Proverbs 15 says it's good news that gives health to the bones? Well, it does. Say that, I mean.

Good news: It's good for us. Who knew?

So, weirdly, this past week I've had probably four other people tell me it majorly bugs them when people at Facebook share their blessings(!) The good reports of new houses or cars or promotions. The intelligent baby or grandbaby stories. The graduations, the pay raises, the yard make-overs. The terrific vacations complete with lots of photos of happy, tanned people.

You know, the good news which is supposed to give health to our bones. Yeah, some of my friends hate that. They call it bragging.

Oh dear. When I make motive judgments like that, God nails me Big Time. He might as well place a piano on top of my head because it feels about the same.

No, God says rejoice with those who rejoice and that real love is being thrilled for other people, even when they receive what we've been praying for like crazy. Especially then. And that real love (the true, godly kind) desires that people do better than us.


God College is not filled with baby classes. No, they're the toughest classes on this planet. But oh, they'll set your mind free. And happy are those people who stick with those classes until they get A's.


We saw such a good change in Daniel late yesterday afternoon. He played with Sammy. He ate--a lot. He didn't look so sad. Thanks for your prayers! Please keep praying a few more days--he's pulling out of this slowly... and we are grateful.


"Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit,
but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another
as more important than himself;
Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for
the interests of others."  ... Philippians 2:3,4


**  Of course, I'm not just talking Facebook here. Real Life has its share of everything in this post, too!



Mary said...

I just saw this on Pinterest: "Counting other peoples' sins does not make you a saint". I too don't feel a need to seek bad news.

Pat said...

Such a great post! It's so much more fun to rejoice in the blessings others have received then to be jealous...and I do believe jealousy has a lot to do with it. I get especially happy when someone tell me their adult children are doing well. Praise God for his goodness!!!

Tracy said...

Very true, Debra! I have been looking for ways to be more encouraging. Glad Daniel is improving! :)

Sara said...

How I love this! I spend a few moments every morning "hiding" stories on my newsfeed on FB. Either they are offensive, down right discouraging or will likely engage my FB friends in nasty debate; none of which are the purpose of my page. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old song "Accent the positive, eliminate the negative...." When we are around negative people we tend to see the world through their eyes somewhat. Not a good thing. There are soooo many blessings raining down on us all day why concentrate on the bad? I have clicked onto a couple bloggers Facebook accounts but do not have an account myself or have signed up for anything there. Negative people and their comments are of course everywhere we go. Keep your shield of truth waxed so those negative things people say about others good fortune just stay where they are. By the time they get through your shield they will be turned round to words of praise for Him who gave others those blessings. It is up to us. Have they ever thought that when God is blessing others it is a test he is giving Them on how they receive the news?...[[.. .Oh and Da! I never noticed the reactions place at the end of your posts!!! Sorry! :( ]] Sarah