Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Big News

Finally I can tell you this!

Remember when Tom was laid-off from his job in August of 2010? Well, here's something I wrote within that first month:

"... Tom and I have felt such peace. We felt that peace on the train, too, and everywhere else we went on our vacation. Before leaving, God instructed us both to set aside the joblessness and just enjoy ourselves so, well, that's what we did. We didn't pretend everything was fine, but rather, we rested in knowing everything will be ok.

And now back at home? God is so with us and we're being so careful to watch our words and our thoughts--to keep them faith-filled and positive... and to put into practice all we have learned for the past forever, really."

After the loss of Tom's job, God majorly let me know that He'd be watching me. Closely. To see how I behaved, whether I handled this new-to-me phase according to all He'd invested into me. And I never forgot that or treated it lightly all those 20 months afterward.

Well, guess what?

Tom starts a new job tomorrow! He's now a control room operator at a power plant just one mile from our home. And something wild? They came looking for him.

About 4 weeks ago, Tom drove to our local supermarket (he almost never goes there), and at first he went into the restroom, then walked to the front of the store for a shopping cart. Another man was leaving the store at that moment, but stopped and called, "Tom? Tom _____?" Well, Tom turned around and it was a guy he'd met years ago at a different power plant--and now--he's the head of this plant near us, one they're starting-up again in hopes of selling it someday. He told Tom that another man, someone Tom worked with years ago, had been trying to call Tom about a job they needed filled, but the two phone numbers he used weren't getting through (being two old (old!) phone numbers of ours).

See, I told you our supermarket was a magical place. :)

And that's how it all began. Tom toured the plant that very afternoon and returned home with two huge binders of operating information. He applied a couple weeks later, waited, then received the job offer last week. And accepted it.

Of course, I've been sooooo wanting to tell you, but Tom asked me to wait until he passed the physical, etc., and until things were certain. So I waited. But eegads, was it ever rough! :)

When Tom told me he'd accepted the job, my first words were, "Hooray! Suzy Homemaker is back!!" For that means more to me than the money. Really.

Oh my. I'm so very grateful for all the lessons God taught us these past nearly-two-years!  Lessons of what calm trust and real faith look like. And you know? The only times those months proved rough (after the first 2 days of initial shock) were when I'd complain about Tom's constantly being around the house. You know, when I wasted my creative energy murmuring rather than finding a workable solution and just being content.

The ability to be happy in the midst of change was always there--but I didn't always choose it. 

 But oh, how exciting to watch God care for us financially. I even kept a list on a diary page of the miracles, like, how our farm sold in 4 days and how we were able to pay cash for Hobbit Cottage and how God kept us from having any debt (even when many huge, surprise bills came along) and all the hundreds of dollars He helped me save with coupons and sales and the way He made cutting-back and making-do, well, fun.

What an adventure. A miracle-filled one.

And now a new journey begins! But for how long, we have no idea. Could be just a short time since the plant is up for sale--but whatever--Tom and I now have no fear in that area. We've faced the Laid-Off Mountain, survived it, even thrived during its conquering. And should we climb that mountain again, we'll be able to smile at each other with the assurance that another God-adventure of provision is coming.

And all shall be well.



Tracy said...

How wonderful, Debra! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you two next!

Mary said...

That is great news! Your faith is awe inspiring. Good luck to Tom on his first day!

K.E. said...

Such great news. And you passed with flying colors I think.

Anonymous said...

I sat there with a stupid smile on my face sighing all through this post...I thought since you hinted about Suzy a while back that a job could be in the works. But ya never know. I think all who come here have grown and learned through the thoughts you have passed on and the books and places to read etc. I will probably ever get the chance to be Suzy Homemaker again but will love hearing about our adventures through your post. She is a very personal friend of mine too. :) My hubby went into retirement about the time Tom lost his job. I am so happy for you both. You have gained many lessons...that no amount of money could ever buy. And as it is with are given freely by Him. We just have to attend his school..and be willing to follow the homework. .... both graduated!! I am soooo glad you enrolled too !! .... .... I can't get this silly smile off my face. Which I surprisingly now all of a sudden I find myself crying with happiness. Thank you soooo for sharing this with all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah

Robin in New Jersey said...

Congratulations! This is good news!

Anonymous said...

What a gift to be offered a good job again!! Once a person hits 50, jobs are not easy to find!! I suppose all of our lives are a series of small miracles tho' perhaps we do not always recognize them. Retirement begins in a few days for us. We shall see just what the future holds. No one can believe we know so little yet about our future...but we know we must pare down majorly and that will take some time.

Best wishes to Tom in the new job!
Elizabeth in NC

jodi said...

Congratulations to you and Tom!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Debra, I am so happy for you and Tom! What a blessing for you, and I'm especially excited that it is just a mile away from your home. No long commute, no having to buy lots of gas......Tom could almost come home for lunch! Anyway, your faith and the way you both dealt with the time of the lay off was inspiring. And I am so happy for you!

Echoes From the Hill said...

What great news. Talk about a miracle. God definitely orchestrated this one!
I'm happy for you!

Judy said...

Wow. Just wow. What an amazing story. God is in it all, isn't He? Even during those days when we just cannot see...

Beth said...

Wonderful news Debra! Isn't it amazing the journey that God takes us through to get us where he wants us to be? I've learned so much from reading your posts, even through your frustrations and fears you continually chose to put the Lord first in your considerations and actions. I too have had a very tough year, but I tend to retreat within myself when times are tough, so I didn't blog through it. But I faithfully read your blog and am always uplifted. Bless you and Tom on your new/old adventures and return to normalcy.