Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some Things Are Better Left Alone...

(If you've not yet watched the NCIS season finale, you may want to come back to this after you have.)


Oh wow. I just now finished watching the season finale of NCIS.

Good grief. Let's just kill off the whole entire cast we've grown to love, ok? Or make it look like they did, anyway.


NCIS is one of those shows where, most of each season, it's like watching the same episode over and over, week after week. Same ol' corny jokes from the same ol' characters who almost never change their lives in any way, who never advance and move on or grow in their attitudes or relationships. The only thing that ever changes is the corpse.

All reasons why I love it.

Always the same  (in a world that's always changing), always there, ever-so-watchable week after week, season after season, year after year. Smooth, witty dialogue. Predictable.

Comfort tv at its very best.

These finales.... argh. Writers jerking me around like that, making me want to zoom through summer so I can see who survived the ax--and who didn't.




"If something ain't broke, don't fix it."  ... copied



K.E. said...

Have you seen "Burn Notice"? Witty dialogue, especially from the main character's mom, but instead of a corpse (there are some of those), a different car get blown up each week.
Story line: a spy gets blacklisted (a burn notice) for reasons unknown [to him]. With a couple of friends he tries to piece together the why and also solves crimes on the side. Takes place in Miami.

Debra said...

Kim-- I'd been thinking of checking that show out at Netflix and now your description makes me want to give it a try. So thanks! I'll let you know it I watch it. Blessings, Debra

Eclectic Small Town Girl said...

Love the show. You summed up my feelings pretty closely. I don't like the trend of killing off anyone just because we can that the writers of tv are following.