Friday, March 30, 2012


So! Have you wondered how Naomi's doing way down there in Nashville?

She loves it. The whole banana (as the saying goes). Her job, her home, her new fellow-musician friends, her city.

And here's a little story she shared with us: The people she lives with have a parrot, a dog and other animals, but the parrot is hilarious. He'll go, "Squawk, squawk, squawk!," then immediately he'll say, "Polly! Be quiet! Be quiet!" Then when the dog barks, Polly will say, "No, no Rover! No!"

Love that.

So our own little bird is livin' the dream and Tom and I are thrilled for her. We had our season of having her near and now we cannot wish her back here with us--that would be too selfish of a wish. So we just keep praying for her and enjoying her joy.


Let's see.... oh yes! A couple days ago I mentioned to you that we had company over to lunch. They were the parents of the woman from whom we bought our farm. Back in 2008 they dropped by to meet us on the 4th of July while I was outside with a wheelbarrow picking up downed branches and 'livin' the dream,' myself. Tom was inside, sleeping, for he had to work the night shift, but I brought Roger and Elizabeth inside anyway to show them a few of the changes we'd made to the kitchen and dining room.

Anyway, after that I began reading Roger's blog and he read mine and I kept telling him we'd have him and Elizabeth out again soon, for dinner. But nearly 4 years later that still hadn't happened.

And yes, I'm hanging my head about that. But hey! Rather than just write-off the whole thing out of embarrassment or condemnation or just assuming it was too late, we went ahead and made it happen. And it was a lovely lunch, indeed.

There's a lesson in that, you know. Namely, don't put things off--but if you have--don't let Procrastination tell you "It's just too late, Sucker." Learn from past mistakes and just take the plunge and make things right today, before it really does become too late, before people pack-up and move away either to different lands or to Heaven, itself.


One more update-- our friend, John, still really needs your prayers. There's some kind of blockage in his liver which the doctors can't find so we need to pray they'll locate it and that it isn't a tumor. Thanks to all of you who've told me you're praying for him--please keep the prayers coming, ok? He and Donna are just about the best friends we have locally and they both mean so much to us. Thanks.


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Sara said...

The Mr. and I often stop in Nashville on our way to or from his mom's home in Alabama. Lovely small town/big city. And I love love love love the wisdom of not letting the fact that one has procrastinated stop you from seizing this moment. It's never to late! Good stuff Sister Friend. Well worth my sneaking back onto the grid for my morning cup of encouragement with Debra. You never saw me ;)