Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Survival Show

So! Not that Tom and I neeeeded to find another survival-in-the-wild tv series, but we did. It's called Man, Woman, Wild and we discovered it at Netflix.

In each episode, this husband and wife team purposely get themselves stranded out in various types of dangerous terrain and, basically, they take nothing with them, which Tom and I think is quite stupid. I mean, the show was created to enable people who get lost in the wild to survive, but hey! Most people who are out in the desert or mountains, etc., at least carry a bottle of water and a granola bar (or something) with them. But not these folks. No, usually they just have the clothes on their backs and a long knife dangling from their belts. (Okay, in a few episodes they bring a tiny bit more with them, but in only one episode out of the 7 or so we've watched, did they have a bottle of water.)

Anywayyyy....... Often it's a hoot. The husband is a former Green Beret, survival expert (tho' sometimes we wonder) and his wife (with a lovely English accent and quirky way of naming things) is out there to learn from him. Tom and I laugh most when they're exhausted and nearly starving and they have tiffs, though they keep them pretty mild. As with all these shows, I so enjoy watching human nature!

Well, if you like this type of program as we do, you'll enjoy this one. I think. (I must warn you--we've fast-forwarded a couple parts where, in order to survive, things got a bit too realistic.)  But if you're a die-hard tree-hugger type who wouldn't kill an animal, even if you were rolling around, dying, well, you probably won't like it much. (Though, hmm... that description pretty much describes me and I love this show. Oh well.)

Oh! And while they were lost in the Smokey Mountains they came upon a grassy clearing where once, most likely, a cabin had been, but now there was just an apple tree left and some strawberry plants with lovely red, ripe strawberries. Inspiring! After that episode I came up here and used part of my birthday-gifted card to order some strawberry plants from the same company I ordered from while living at the farm. Each plant grew to be a beauty, gave me the illusion of eating off the land and left our little farm a better place than the way we found it.

And that's how I'd like to someday leave Hobbit Cottage, as well.


Oh! I found the prettiest blog, ever. Wow. I thought the first page was incredible and then I went to the second one(!) Gorgeous. All of it.



Pat said...

We used to watch this program faithfully when it was on TV. They are quite the good looking and amusing couple aren't they? They aren't on any more, I hope they bring it back. We too enjoy this type of TV program!

K.E. said...

I can see why you love that blog - it's very you!

Debra said...

Pat--so glad you liked this series, too! Weren't they fun? We finished watching them last night and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Have you already watched the two Out of the Wild series? Those were our favorites.

K.E.--oh! That's such a great compliment. Thank-you so much!

Blessings, Debra