Sunday, March 04, 2012

Good-bye. Hello.

Ah, how brave our mother's hearts must be!

For 32 years Tom and I were blessed to have our daughter either live with us or near us and I knew--I knew--that such a thing was a special blessing from God, especially given the fact Naomi's our only child.

But today... Today our little-girl-all-grown-up packed her car and her two cats and then Tom and I stood with her in the kitchen and prayed for her and we all got teary-eyed. Then our daughter left us for a whole other state and whole other adventures far away.

And of course, after she left, I cried. Didn't want to because I know we must give Naomi the freedom to live her adult life and I'm trusting God like crazy with her, asking Him not to let me doubt or fear anything for one moment. But still, I cried anyway.

It's that darn Mother's Heart of mine. It knows this is the right thing, that it will lead to more good things for us all, but still, it grieves over the letting go.

Tomorrow will be better, though. Today an old era is ending and endings do hurt, but tomorrow a new era begins for all three of us. New eras, new seasons, always come with new promises and new ways of giving, living and being. And I'm grateful for that.


Another era ended this week... We had to let Tom The Milkman go. Sigh. I wrote a nice note for him explaining we'd had a financial crunch and would need to suspend the service for a few months (my way of leaving him --and probably myself--with hope). I thanked him and his dad for all their combined faithful years of service to my family and our community.


Naomi is so sweet... She told me this morning she wants to start making good money so she can help Tom and me, too. I told her she didn't have to think that way, but I was so blessed by her thoughtfulness.