Saturday, March 03, 2012

Choosing Faith, Not Worry

Oy! It's been one thing after another around here.

My computer messed-up, the printer broke (oh no, my coupons!). and Naomi, our only child, is moving hundreds of miles away, so there's that emotional stuff I'm so hoping to keep a handle on. She's staying an extra day with us (though that's not a bad thing, in itself, her stuff is all over our living room and kitchen with only a little trail in the middle).

 And Daniel threw-up. And he keeps trying to go down to the basement so we cram things in front of the accordion door in what's already a too-tiny space in which to go outside or down to the basement. We still have to keep him and Sammy separate.

And soon we're entering a phase where we'll have no income for awhile (till Financial Phase 2 kicks in) and no medical insurance (it's under control, it's just that there's a waiting period of 60 days). And there were those little matters of the money we'll have to put into our drainage system (fortunately that can wait--we hope) and Naomi's car repair yesterday(which couldn't wait, though it's a blessing it got repaired in time).

So what to do? Worry about the future? Uh, no. The Bible says whatever isn't of faith is sin, so who wants to sin by worrying when we can make a different choice, instead? Not me!

No, I'm choosing to get excited about seeing how God will pull some miracle rabbits from His hat. Ever since Tom was laid off we've seen a few of those rabbits -- they're exciting! God has worked hard and long on us, taught us so much, and it's about time that we face some tests without worrying just how God will help this time. Our time is better spent by recalling all the instances He's flown down some help to us before.

Always, there comes a time to see what we know, where we are, how far we have left to go and how real God has truly become to us. Hence, the tests.

So anyway, I'll try to keep up here at my blog, but don't worry if I miss an occasional day or two, ok? There's much on my plate right now and there will be my part in doing what needs to be done and God's part will be to do what I/we can't. Fortunately, He is so good at doing His part!