Friday, March 09, 2012

This Semester of God College

Oh wow. This semester of God College is an awesome one. I can't even wait until afternoon sometimes--I begin the classes in the mornings and then they continue for hours.

Though of course, God gives me breaks. Let's me stop for a snack or lunch recess and an episode of Numb3rs, chats with Tom or chasing cats around or washing dishes while the sun pours through the window.

But all the reading He's leading me to do (mostly online) and the re-learning of some things and the 'special assembly speakers'! It all fascinates me to see the myriad ways God uses people to wake up other people and to teach them truth. And Truth, itself.

In my last post I gave you a list of some biographical sketches I'd been reading and well, here are some more:

A.W. Tozer

Andrew Murray

Charles Spurgeon

Charles Price

I'd learned about these men years ago, but what a delight to become reacquainted.

I highly recommend letting God lead you to your own special course of study at God College. Walk into the right classrooms and you won't want to leave.